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Oct 12, 2013 02:18 PM

What do you like with your cheese?

I'm a fan of pairing some cheeses with jams/honey/chutney and wonder what combos have worked for others. Brebis and sour cherry preserves is a classic. I love chevre with a bit of honey and think a fig jam and some marcona almonds add balance to the strong spanish cheeses like cabrales. what do you like to pair?

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  1. For mild cheeses, a white flour bread or cracker. (Saltines)

    For strong cheeses, a whole wheat bread or cracker. (Triscuits)

    There are classic fruit and nut pairings, as well as those with wines. But I usually enjoy the cheese for itself. Exceptions have been made. When I was given a 5 Kilo round of Stilton, many bottles of vintage port were next to the scoop.

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      I love port or a vintage madeira with most cheeses.