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Oct 12, 2013 02:10 PM

Teppan Kenta on Wellesley - Anyone been yet?

Think I am going there tonight for dinner. Has anyone been yet?

Just wanted to start this thread since it seems the only mention of it is in the old Nejibee thread which it replaced.

A bit of background: this is a new(ish) place opened by the former manager at Guu. The yelp reviews so far seem favourable.

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  1. I did go there last month, it was still new with flowers left from grand opening. It was about 30% full, and got busier as the night wore on. Service was slow, and I'm not sure if maybe they forgot some of our orders. The food was good overall, some better than others.

    1. today's special... duck breast kind of ordinary

    2. maguro was a decent app, fish was fresh and nicely accented with the tangy ponzu

    3. somehow really enjoyed this chan-pote. Luckily I was not put off by the menu description of "fish innards"

    4. fried chicken very juicy, was a great snack

    also had the okonomiyaki, was decent. Would go again, but might rank zakkushi as a better experience.

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      Nice, thanks for sharing. Yeah I also ended up going and I agree: though pretty good, I wasn't blown away and Zakkushi has it beat hands down.

      I also got the

      takoyaki: meh, manpuku is still king for these things in this city

      maguro: it was OKAY, liked Guus better from what I remember of their tataki

      karaage: also was up to the standard of most Japanese places around Toronto, but nothing mind blowing

      okonomiyaki hiroshima style with all the noodles and seafood: this was probably the thing I enjoyed most of all, thought it was on par with some of the stuff i had in Osaka

      Fried rice omellete (can't recall Japanese name): I really enjoyed this. probably more than my friends. i think the Japanese have a way with the runny egg omelettes

      The Sirloin/beef dish: also rather good for non-dry aged beef

      The fried mackeral: very simple, very plain, but enjoyable.

      Daily special eel fried rice ball: where was the eel?

      The deepfried bean paste donut thing: skip it

      1. re: nogoro

        Few more pictures

      2. 6 dishes for 2 of us, ranged from OK to pretty bad. I'd say the best of our dishes is comparable to the worst we've had at Guu. Just really too bad, as the interior is good, service not bad, prices are OK, close to my home, it's just ... the cooking. Really not there. Very sorry to say, as I would like to like this place. I'd come back if they somehow significantly revamp their cooking.