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Chinese smoked pork pancakes

Just noticed this new place on St. Andrew, in the ground floor of the building where Bright Pearl used to be.

The person behind the counter of the small takeout place was very limited in his English. There's a sign on the wall with 4 pictures of seemingly slight variations of the same thing. But the only English on it said "smoked pork pie". I just pointed at the sign and he got to work.

He rolls out a small ball of dough into a thin disc and then griddles it until puffed up, kind of like a pita. On the pancake he spreads some hoisin and hot sauce, then layers bean sprouts, grated carrot, coriander and scallions before crowning the mound with smoked pork. It's then rolled up. So it's really like the rolled pancake stuffed with smoked pork found at Chinese Traditional Buns and other northern Chinese places. But the pancake was a lot thinner, it's more like the wrappers they use at Bahn Mi Boys for their tacos.

I really liked it. Nice smokiness. The wrapper had a bit of chew but still tender. And considering it's about the size of a small burrito yet only costs $3, it's a bargain. Having this and maybe something like the coxinha at Segovia nearby would make a very filling lunch.

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  1. So far, the best tasting version I have encountered is the one offered by Northern Dumpling Kitchen in Richmond Hill. Its 'make your own'. The slightly fatty pork is well seasoned and super smokey. Pancakes are piping hot, crispy on the outside and soft inside. Lovely and addictive combo!

    1. Sounds delicious, would love to try this.. Too bad I'm out here in Sauga/Brampton

      1. The name of the place is "Qianhe Golden Wheat Cake Room" and there is another review with pictures here: http://torontofoodies.wordpress.com/2...

        1. What a great find - thank you for posting!
          A great smoked meat pancake ("bin") is unbeatable - crispy pancake (just enough finger licking lard), raw julienned spring onion, HOT hot sauce, and day-old smoked meat chopped fine.

          I had been getting my fix from Chinese Traditional Bun on Dundas - Fantastic with rice porridge for an indulgent brunch.

          I will definitely give this place a try soon.

          1. Where is this place located? i must try this.

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              346 Spadina Ave, Unit 107; but the store front is on St. Andrew Street. Check out the above torontofoodies link.

            2. Thanks for the tip! I found it a little oily for my taste but enjoyed it otherwise - the meat and vegs were very nice. And you really can't beat $3.39.
              Fascinating little shop too! Neatly displayed trays of duck heads, duck feet, ?duck necks? (very long), ?gizzards, pigs feet, pigs ears, tripe, lotus, seaweed, and a few other animal parts I couldn't even guess at...
              PS It's very easy to find - on the south side of St Andrew a few doors west of Spadina.

              1. I found this intriguing.
                However I was less pleased with my visit - I arrived just before 7:00pm and the 'Open' sign was still illuminated. And indeed the door WAS open.
                But that wasn't much help as 'the chef has gone home' was the (presumably) accurate, but unhelpful reaction when I tried to order.
                Not sure what their hours are - but if you go in the evening have a back-up plan!

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                  Oh dear! Perhaps more reliable at lunch.
                  I had intended to look for a sign about hours but forgot. I couldn't inquire as I only got one word of English from said chef ("pie").

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                    Haha I was there at 5. I bet they're wondering where all these people came from

                    It was good. The wrap is outstanding as they do it to order from rolling out the dough to cooking but obviously takes a while. The filling was only ok, the bites with pork were very tasty but I assume since I was there so late (definitely seems like a lunch vibe) I noticed when I walked in that the veg all looked a little soggy and it lacked some of the crunch you would hope for. Good flavour though and I bet at lunch it's deadly. As it stands it was $3 and pretty gd tasty definitely a good addition to the snack repertoire in the area

                  2. Went there at 3pm today but the chef was out for a break. No one knew when he'll be back.
                    Passed by after 20 minutes and not back yet.
                    I'll try my luck next week.

                    1. Finally got around to trying this today. Exactly as advertised! The wrapper is great: chewy and flaky. Nice veg component too (daikon, scallions, cilantro). We got a bag of the frozen dumplings (leek, shrimp and pork) to take home. Pretty good price for them I think: 20 for $4.99.