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Oct 12, 2013 11:32 AM

Bachelorette Party

So believe it or not, my foodie sister has asked her maids of honor to solicit my (her brother) help in planning the restaurants for her Bachelorette Party in Austin. Looking for a few places for lunches and dinners. At least one nice restaurant that can accommodate a group. Some other places that may specialize in an ethnicity or a specific dish that is really good. Sushi too maybe for one night. Thoughts?

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  1. uchiko is a great choice.

    1. days of the week would help us a lot dhenry18

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        Friday night, Saturday night. So looking for 2 lunches, 2 dinners, and maybe 2 breakfasts. The hotel is downtown. I was thinking maybe sushi and one small plate place for dinner, BBQ, and tacos for lunch and a breakfast taco place plus another place. Or maybe any others suggestions or ideas

      2. If the group is here on Sunday for brunch, green pastures with a 20% tip will be 50 a person and is a fantastic sunday brunch with beautiful grounds and great picture options. Ask to sit in the south side room off the main dining room with all the windows if you go, and do make reservations. four seasons is another beautiful place but will be 10-15 bucks more a person for the sunday brunch. fonda san miguel is third, but their brunch is solid.

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          GP is lovely, but park far away as the peacocks tend to get frisky on hoods of cars and do can scratch the ever-lovin' s**t out of your car.

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            Peacocks are like that - frisky and scratchy.

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              good lord, I'm glad to hear that. I better check our hood.

        2. I am thinking of suggesting:

          Barley Swine, Franklin BBQ, Kome, Second Bar & Kitchen, Lucy's Fried Chicken, Enoteca Vespaio, Counter Cafe, Gourmand's Neighborhood Pub, Mi Made, Veracruz all natural, Bangers, and Easy Tiger.

          Any thoughts about those?

          1. Trace at the Four Seasons has killer food and atmosphere, if you go for Brunch just don't pay for the buffet it's a rip off. I haven't met a group of women yet who don't like going to Moonshine, although I can take it or leave it. Of that kinda place I prefer Max's Wine Dive but it's small and might not fit her group.

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              are you talking about trace at the W or trio @ 4 seasons. either way, both are expensive and not worth it. food at both places is ok but not worth the price of admission.