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Oct 12, 2013 11:05 AM

Clear Lake area?

Suggestion for a good lunch near Clear Lake?

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  1. Can you clarify "near?" There are a few unique and very good places near like T-Bone Tom's in Kemah, Perry & Son's (Meat) Market and Grille on Scarsdale, Gilhooley's for oysters and seafood in San Leon. Tookie's in Seabrook gets widespread love for burgers and the like. That is the only one I haven't been to yet. Hope you find some good eats!

    http://www.perryandsonsmarketandgrill... (no website for Gilhooley's


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      Settled on Tookies. Yumm. We've been to Tbones. I'd suggest Tookies over Tbones. But I now need to go back and try the others suggested!
      Thank you so much

    2. Abe's, Tokyo Bowl and Antonnini's