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Oct 12, 2013 10:55 AM

Casual but good food

Coming this wed thru sat. It will be my husband, sister and myself. We love good food but in casual atmosphere! We don't want to be on a schedule with reservations. Definitely doing Mahoneys for lunch one day. Felix for chargrilled oysters. Any other good casual choices for lunch or dinner. Would like some good Cajun food. Gumbo and such. Staying in French quarter.

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  1. Mahony's is closed for renovations until Saturday the 19th.

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    1. re: uptownlibrarian

      So glad you told me this before I got down there! Will miss my chicken liver po boy though!

    2. How casual is your casual? Shorts and tee-shirts? That may be a problem except for the sandwich places although I've seen that attire in some of the higher end restaurants.

      Almost every "good" restaurant will take walk-ins but your chances of getting a table improves if you go before 7.

      Since this is a busier season it may be a bit harder to get into the better restaurants as walk-ins and too casually dressed.

      1. I would definitely make reservations. They are free and you can always cancel.

        K-Pauls' deli self serve lunch Thur.- Sat. The gumbo and oyster po boys are very good.

        Killer Po Boys in the "Erin Rose" on Conti.

        Domenica , 1st block across Canal on Barronne. daily HH 3-6: 1/2 price wood fired pizzas, well drinks, wine, beer.

        Brigtsen's is excellent for a taste of local flavor. Order an array of appetizers and split some entrees (reservations a must). Take the streetcar to the Riverbend, then walk over to Dante.

        Herbsaint and Cochon are good options as well.

        Coquette for unique twists on local dishes.

        None of theses places are formal. Dress is relaxed. You will not be uncomfortable wearing polos, button downs, khakis or nicer jeans.

        The only thing I order at Felix's are 1/2 shell, standing at the bar.
        Bon Appetit!

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        1. re: JazzyB

          Thanks for these suggestions. Jeans was plan for evenings.

        2. Coop's on Decatur. Casual to a fault. Great Gumbo, Red Beans & Rice and fantastic pastas. Don't be discouraged by a line out front, it's worth the wait !!!

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          1. re: piglet3000

            Coop's is a bar with a large menu. (Read: bar food).. Much better bar food:

            1. re: JazzyB

              I went to The Three Muses last year and it was really good!

            2. re: piglet3000

              yeah im not crazy about Coop's either, but tourists seem to love it. less crowd for me elsewhere, i suppose...

            3. We just returned from a trip to New Orleans. I would highly recommend Jacques-Imo's. It's about a 15-minute cab ride from the FQ, no reservations unless you have a party of 5 or more, and super-casual. Get there early (before 6:00) if you don't want to wait for a table; better yet, get there even earlier and you can browse the shops on Oak Street before dinner. Return cabs are easy to get, as they are always dropping people off at the restaurant, and you can hop on for the return trip to the FQ.


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                for a casual, fun place, i also recommend JI. very good friend chicken, our favorite in town. i also like the shrimp stuffed porkchop, the alligator cheesecake, and the deep fried RB poboy is fun for a group. my only crit is the menu is very large, and some of it is not worth trying/offering.

                1. re: lisavf

                  Get to JI as close to opening as possible lest you wait an hour or two (seriously). Food is definitely not worth the wait. Have a plan B and go. Should you dine there, take Kibbles' menu advice.