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Oct 12, 2013 10:51 AM

1 Dinner in Vancouver/Gastown

Hi all!

I moved up to Northern BC for work recently but will be in Vancouver for 1 night in a couple of weeks before a vacation back home. Hopefully will have more (and longer) trips in the future, but looking for 1 dinner spot right now.

Will probably end the night at Alibi for some craft beers so I'd like to find a restaurant somewhere in the general vicinity of that. Right now here are the options I'm considering:
Wildebeest - menu sounds interesting, reasonably priced and the cocktails sound great

L'Abbatoir - see it mentioned quite a bit more than Wildebeest but doesn't sound quite as interesting. Is the execution higher and better?



Bestie - late night drunk food for after Alibi?

I love izakaya too but it seems like the better places are sort of on the opposite end closer to Stanley Park.

Any good small traditional sushi places nearby? Omakase, sit at the bar, no rolls (or a limited amount), similar to what you'd find in Tokyo.


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  1. Our one visit to Wildebeest in the spring (6 of us) was singularly underwhelming. It was right after the original chef left but it wasn't just the food that was lacking. Ambiance and service were not up to my standards.

    Boneta didn't wow either. Not bad but not great. One visit for dinner with a fourtop.

    Chambar is good but can be loud at the front and the back. And there always seems to be one item on the entrée that is a bit out of place for me, so I just don't eat it. Nice frites. And that blue cheese drink is worthy.

    Maybe check out Bambuddah's menu and see if it appeals. I've heard some good things. There's a review in todays Grope and Flail if you're interested.

    Haven't been to Bestie as it's been a zoo since opening (good on 'em).

    I think Sushi Monst'r is the only option in the immediate vicinity but I know zero about it. Pretty sure there aren't any places like what you described, alas.

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      L'abbatoir is your best bet. Maybe stop in to Cuchillo for a snack. It's a great spot and close to Alibi.

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        I forgot to say in my first reply that I would suggest L'abb too! I wonder if a single diner would be best sat at the bar? I also really enjoyed Tuc but have only been there once.