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Oct 12, 2013 10:37 AM

josh marks -dead

former master chef contestant josh dead from gunshot wound to head :(

i have a friend that has a mother with bipolar disorder i always wondered wh she never wanted me to spend the night at her house...finally she said "I never know what I'll be opening the door on at your house I can just relax for at least a day cook with you and laugh and not worryabout IT comng into ruin everything"

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  1. What sad news. I liked him. May he rest in peace.

    1. i was very sad to read this news this morning. to me, the one of the saddest things about this is how woefully the mental health system in our country abandons those in need. tragically, josh had opened up about his mental health struggles to the make a sound project (a non-profit suicide awareness and prevention group), making outreach media with them to try and offer support to others in need and to prevent exactly this kind of tragedy. but in a bitterly ironic twist, after his arrest in july, the make a sound project cut ties with mr. marks.

      josh seemed like a very gifted, gentle man; i am deeply saddened that his mental illness took his life so young. i am quite certain the world would have been a brighter place had we had the opportunity to see much more from such a talented young star. my thoughts are with his family and loved ones. RIP.

        1. A sad and terrible irony that this happened during Mental Illness Awareness Week as well.

          Manic-depression runs in my family so I am aware of the terrible toll that depression can take, in its many forms. I am so sad for Josh and his family right now.