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Oct 12, 2013 09:58 AM

Hearthstone Grill ~ Jamesburg

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  1. We just went there today since boyfriend lives nearby. It's the former Musso's, then a couple of other incarnations. They did a great job remodeling. We had a small pizza with hot sausage which was pretty good. You have your choice of fresh or shredded mozzarella. We opted for the fresh. We were ecstatic about the hot sausage since we don't know of any pizza joint in our area that gives you the option of hot or sweet sausage. It wasn't extremely hot sausage, but just enough heat for me. There's a small bar with 3 stools & 5 2-tops in addition to the dining area. We will definitely go back, especially since it's close by boyfriend's house and they also have pierogi on the menu, so this Polish Princess has to go try them out.

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      Thanks for posting Jerzeegirl! Since I can never find anything in that area, I tend to avoid it completely!

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        You're welcome, Angelina. We just found out a diner opened up in Jamesburg a couple of months ago, same owners as the Spotswood diner, so may try that if we're over that way some weekend. The problem is trying to avoid going into Mendoker's.

    2. Unrelated to Hearthstone Grill but I think I saw a small Mexican restaurant around that area as well on 522. Anyone notice that as well?

      1. It is the best restaurant that has been in that spot. The owner is serious about food- makes his own dough and pulls his own mozzarella for the pies, which are excellent- def not your standard pizza joint pie, and comparably priced. The wood grill adds a great flavor. We've had the pork chops, rib eye, sausage, the smoked & grilled wings- all great. (He smokes his own stuff, too.) Sides served in cast iron dishes- they stay hot- great mac & cheese and asparagus. It is already drawing a crowd- there was a 20 minute wait on the last Thursday i went there. I don't drink, but he serves local micro brewed beer, and is starting to brew his own. I cannot recommend it enough. We used to go to Fiddleheads in town for a step up, re: food (though they had a tendency to get too cutesy with some stuff that didn't work). Hearthstone has displaced them- cheaper and to my taste, better.

        1. I have gone here twice so far. I like the pizza but the service has been awkward. Something about the different size pizzas and only the larger size was available for certain ones and they would "figure out" what to charge if I wanted a smaller one. I was confused. They brought out wings, then asked if I wanted blue cheese. I sort of ate most of them by the time they came back with it. They brought out pizza plates with the various jars of hot pepper and oregano placed on top which I had to set aside. And if someone's water glass is empty by the time you bring the food out, don't ask if they want more, just get it. Nothing major, all little quirky things they do that I think can be improved.

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