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Soft pretzels: dip or plain?

A specialty food store near me has started selling wonderful soft pretzels for reheating at home. I generally go dipless, but I know lots of people go for cheese or mustard or even chocolate.
So, if you have a dip, what is it?

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  1. I love soft pretzels with mustard. Cheese sauce is good, too. My friend ordered cheese soup which was served with pretzel bread. That looked delicious.

    1. I love simple yellow mustard. Had one last night in fact, yum!!

      1. I much prefer mine salted without dip but if there is "good" (not to sound too much like the Contessa, LOL) I will occasionally dip.

        My husband recently brought home this wonderful grainy maple Dijon from a local farmers market. Now that you mention soft pretzels I think it would make a wonderful dip for them.

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          You had me at "grainy maple dijon".....

        2. My favorite pretzel dip is Nutella.

          Decadent, I know. But I'm a sensualist.

          1. I like with mustard, preferably a spicy kind, not just plain yellow. Not as into the cheese.

            Also the dessert ones with cinnamon and sugar are good too :)

            1. Must be a salted soft pretzel, my favorite is a spicy mustard- like dijon or a horseradish one, but regular brown mustard works too.

              I had one once with hot marinara sauce, which was odd but pretty good

              1. I generally go dipless as well, although a good spicy brown mustard is pretty yummy! No salt in my world either...

                I would imagine they'd be pretty good with cream cheese.

                1. I often often them with coating (like garlic pretzels, cinnamon sugar) but to be honest, I like plain a lot. I mean plain -plain, no salt.

                  If I choose a dip, I think I like either soft cheese or mustard.

                    1. Mr. Mustard sounds about right.

                      1. Eenteresting so far. The pretzels sold at the place I mentioned are moderately salted, my preference. I'm not a huge mustard fan, so I may lean toward a cheese dip of sorts, something fondue-y.
                        Thanks for the replies--keep 'em coming!

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                          Maybe use a soft cheese to do more of a "schmear" than a dip? I'm thinking a mild triple cream, or soft goat cheese, maybe one of those stinky drippy french ones if that's your thing....

                        2. Mustard is the only way I roll.

                          1. Auntie Anne's sweet mustard dip. It's different than any honey mustard I've ever had. It's like it's own thing, but so good. Besides that, cheese sauce would be my next choice and then regular mustard.

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                              Spicy brown mustard for me please.

                            2. Peanut butter works for me

                              1. All of the above (but not at the same time, of course).

                                1. Worked in Philly for a few years. My "breakfast", almost every morning was a soft pretzel. Would give it 6-7 seconds in mocrowave at work and slather with mustard... prefer brown/spicy, but plain old yellow mustard works just fine for me.

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                                    Where do you get soft pretzel everyday?

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                                      Philly breakfasts always include soft pretzels. And always freaked out vendors from outside Philly. If they're hot and fresh--no toppings. If they're cold--brown mustard.

                                  2. I am just spitballing since i have never tried it but what about ranch? I like Zatarains creole mustard myself but i know you aren't a mustard fan. I really like a dip with a soft pretzel. A man here that sold them for a while served them with a sweet/spicy pepper relish that was great but he wouldn't let me pick his brain.

                                    1. Honey mustard

                                      And sometimes li hing mui.

                                      1. Normally I am a mustard-only kind of gal (and copious amount of it), but I recently had a sample of my friend's fresh-baked pretzel at a local brewery that came with a roasted red pepper dip of some kind that knocked my socks off!

                                        1. There was a small stand at the mall a million years ago, Mr. Pretzel I think it was called. They had all kinds of dip but my favorite was (and I know it sounds gross) warmed cream cheese. Not cooked, just warmed enough to be a dip.

                                          And of course beer cheese and Nutella!

                                          1. Strong mustard, the kind that you can taste in your sinuses.

                                            1. I have found my dip: I just made enough for one person, but it can be tinkered with. Equal parts greek yogurt, sour cream, and mayo with a healthy dose of smoked paprika, a chipotle in adobo and some lemon zest. Give a whiz in the processor.
                                              I like the cheese dip idea, but I was thinking something with zing that is non mustard. I'll do it again :)
                                              I'm having a few people over for a casual Octoberfest-ish type party, and I plan on serving these pretzels. For that occasion, I'm thinking maybe a creamy dip with gruyere and caramelized onions alongside some good mustard. I'll have to do some research on that.

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                                                You might check out Liptauer cheese, which has some of the bold flavors in your dip, plus a few more. Using a goat's or sheep's milk base for the cheese spread will add to the zing.

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                                                  Thanks JungMann. Great suggestions that I will use next time around. I was kind of playing around with what I had on hand, but I'll never turn down the chance to add zing.

                                              2. We went out to dinner a few weeks ago and ordered an appetizer of Bavarian Soft Pretzels with everything bagel seasonings (onion, garlic, poppy, salt), served with a green chile-cheese sauce. Drool.