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Oct 12, 2013 08:20 AM

Soft pretzels: dip or plain?

A specialty food store near me has started selling wonderful soft pretzels for reheating at home. I generally go dipless, but I know lots of people go for cheese or mustard or even chocolate.
So, if you have a dip, what is it?

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  1. I love soft pretzels with mustard. Cheese sauce is good, too. My friend ordered cheese soup which was served with pretzel bread. That looked delicious.

    1. I love simple yellow mustard. Had one last night in fact, yum!!

      1. I much prefer mine salted without dip but if there is "good" (not to sound too much like the Contessa, LOL) I will occasionally dip.

        My husband recently brought home this wonderful grainy maple Dijon from a local farmers market. Now that you mention soft pretzels I think it would make a wonderful dip for them.

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          You had me at "grainy maple dijon".....

        2. My favorite pretzel dip is Nutella.

          Decadent, I know. But I'm a sensualist.

          1. I like with mustard, preferably a spicy kind, not just plain yellow. Not as into the cheese.

            Also the dessert ones with cinnamon and sugar are good too :)