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Oct 12, 2013 08:13 AM

Marietta GA to Asheville NC - where to stop along the way?

This coming Monday driving from Marietta GA to Asheville NC & would like to know if there is anyplace a dedicated CH should stop for lunch/snack along that route. We like pretty much everything but especially "local" specialities... Appreciate any suggestions, thanks!

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  1. I used to travel this route a lot!

    In the Atlanta area there's a wealth of interesting places to eat on Buford Highway. This blog has lots of info:

    My other frequent stop was Your Dekalb Farmers Market. Aside from being an amazing food market they also have a nice bakery, good coffee options and a great little hot bar/salad bar. The prepared food always has interesting dishes from their international staff. It's fresh, delicious and reasonably priced.

    1. I assume you are taking I-85 to I-26? Unfortunately, there are not a lot of good options on that route. (and Buford Hwy and YDFM don't make much sense, geographically or time wise, unless you want to detour and eat as soon as you leave Marietta.)

      Here is a recent post about an Indian restaurant inside a gas station in Greenville that sounds interesting:

      I'd do a search for Greenville for other options.

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        Oops! My befuddled brain was thinking Macon...
        Good catch!

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            carolinadawg: Tks - if it was just us the Indian place in a gas station would be great! I don't think it will fly w/our non-CH friends... Trying to avoid McD or the like. I just have to be happy that we've got dinner res at Seven Sows in Asheville!

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              Maybe Wade's orThe Beacon in Spartanburg might work.

          2. I'd be tempted to go up through Gainesville to Franklin and over to Asheville. Maybe a few more options that way. I'll have to think about it. At least the drive is prettier!

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              Leepa: I just found out that's the way we're going! Looking forward to the scenic route...

            2. Hi, which route are you planning? I personally prefer the 441 to 23 to 40 route also. As mentioned, 85 to 26 is pretty bleak in terms of food.

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                If you're not in a rush, the drive thru Clayton/Franklin is much prettier than going thru Greenville, and we've enjoyed lunch at Grapes & Beans in Clayton a few times. It's a cute wine shop too.

                1. re: miss piggy

                  miss piggy: we're going to check out Grapes & Beans but I think we're going to see if the Overlook BBQ is open.

                  Dinner reservations at Seven Sow in Asheville.

                  Will report back on where we stop & Tks for all the input from all of you great Southern Hounds!

              2. So it has taken me too long to get back with a report on our little trip from Marietta to Asheville...

                We took the scenic route and it was lovely. Really a nice drive. Fall color was just starting, a couple of weeks late according to our friends.

                Stopped for lunch at the Overlook BBQ. Funky, quirky place. Only offering was pulled pork served with purple hull peas and coleslaw. Lovely friendly people running the place. Authentic smoke house outside smoking away... Food, unfortunately forgettable. Guess I'm getting jaded. Nothing wrong with it, just not anything I couldn't make myself. Purple hull peas are a second cousin to black eye peas and taste the same to me. Coleslaw ok if ordinary. At least not dripping in mayo.

                Probably should have gone a little further to Grapes & Beans.

                I'll add my comments to the Asheville board on our experience at Seven Sows...