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Oct 12, 2013 06:55 AM

walking food search in midtown on Sunday night

So, grand plans for tomorrow night's reservation have fallen through (i.e. no Boulud Sud,, DGBG, Resto, Perla, etc.). Group wants to stay in the neighborhood and walk around.

So, what are some tasty bites while enjoying the area and the beautiful weather....Pop in and move on...on a Sunday night.

burger joint at parker meridian
food carts? (I've had the halal cart)
Shanghai joe's soup dumplings


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  1. I've seen them close-ff 51st between 6th and 7th on Sunday afternoons sometime for food trucks and vendors. Not sure if that's a regular thing.

    1. What sounds like it would be perfect is if you could convince the group to go to madison square eats... Eataly is right there as well as shake shack. I would start with wine and a snack at eataly, as assortment of goodies from mad sq eats, and then hit the express line at shake shack for a custard....

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      1. re: Ttrockwood

        If you go to Eataly, go early and sign in for a "reservation." It gets packed! When I was there (on a Sunday night) we had to wait probably 45 minutes before we got seated in the salad area (only place with any tables.) Finally got some seafood at the counter as the fish station guy was closing up, and then a small plate of pasta at the last minute upstairs on the catwalk (the last place open for dinner.) Manza was booked solid and they quit taking anyone else in at about 8:30. Ended the night at Birrieria (sp?) after everything downstairs had closed and they had already stopped serving food up there by the time we went up. We really needed another couple of hours, at least, at Eataly. We got there about 7:15, but should have tried to get there by 4:30-5:00. It was the weekend before July the 4th, so maybe it was just exceptionally crowded then. If people are off work this Monday (Columbus Day, big in NYC, I've heard), it might be crowded Sunday night, too, idk...

        1. re: jilkat25

          Manzo & Birreria take reservations via Urbanspoon on their web site. Summer tourist season and around Christmas/December/NYE are always the worst times to visit Eataly (as well as any other tourist attractions in NYC). Especially weekends, I always avoid Eataly on the weekends.

          A lot of people don't get Columbus Day off in NYC, BTW.

        2. You mean The Plaza Food Hall. Not Le Parker Meridien. It has been mentioned on this board many times.

        3. Go to Todd English Food Court at the Plaza Hotel (not at all like most food courts). Then take your munchies to the Central Park carousel.

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          1. re: GaryUES

            GaryUES, are you saying it's good or no? I almost mentioned it but I haven't been there so didn't feel qualified to say. Luke's Lobster has a station there. It may be my only chance to try a lobster roll while I'm up there since it's close to where we're staying.

            1. re: jilkat25

              Absolutely! Very good with many excellent choices from quality purvayers.

            2. re: GaryUES

              I see where I got confused. Sorry. Todd English Food Hall at the Plaza! I'm a bit overwhelmed. So many choices!

              1. re: kathryn

                Long story short.....Smith and Wollensky's around 10 pm.
                Not what I had envisioned obviously but we had fun.