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Oct 12, 2013 05:59 AM

Lunch Reservations in Rome in November?

'Looking forward to a quick 4 days in Rome the 2nd week of November. I have a number of places flagged for lunch from the Rome Digest, but would really rather pick where to go on the day of, based on what sites we've decided to see that day. If we are looking at restos like Roscioli, and Nonna Betta, are we safe just walking in, or do we really need to make reservations? If it's the latter, can we call the morning of to reserve? Note, we there over a weekend, including Saturday and Sunday - not sure if that makes a difference.... Many Thanks for you advice!

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  1. Roscioli on a saturday and nonna betta on a sunday, at lunch, are absolutely packed. The morning of-reservations have a very small chance. Also note that they are within 200 yards of each other (since you mention deciding accordi g to where you will be). What you could do is go ahead and make reservations, maybe even doubles (in different parts of town), and cancel the morning of. The two mentioned can both deal with that (i.e. fill the opening with others), although i wouldn't do that at smaller ormore fine dining places.

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      Thanks so much Vinoroma for your advice!