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Oct 11, 2013 09:38 PM

Help! Need ideas - party food using Whole wheat bread, mozzarella cheese...

So...I have to bring a dish to a party tomorrow, and was all set w meatballs, when I was told they were a no go. I have no $$, so it's gotta be something I have. I have a 5lb bag of shredded mozz, 1.5 loaves WW sandwhich bread (so it's soft and fluffy), and pantry items. Can't bring bread pudding either. And I have to transport it. Any ideas? No oven/refrigeration/prep at destination.

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  1. My mom used to make an appetizer out of loaves of cocktail rye bread...I don't have her recipe (not sure if she even has one, it was just one of those things she knew how to make) but this is pretty close: http://fromwhichthingsgrow.blogspot.c...

    That one calls for parmesan but I'm sure mozzarella would work, in fact I'm pretty sure that's what my mom used (or you could use a combo if you happen to have parm.) Since you don't have the little cocktail rye bread, I'd probably cut each piece of WW bread into fourths and maybe stick them in the oven plain for 5-10 minutes first to start to crisp them up before adding the topping. You could also use crackers if you have something like Triscuits in your pantry. You'd have to bake them at home and bring them with you but they are good at room temperature and transport well, once they are slightly cooled you should be able to stack them on a tray.

    If you happen to have cream cheese, you could also try a pizza dip, there are lots of recipes floating around the internet and you can make it as simple or complex as your pantry allows...adding olives, roasted peppers, etc, and use your bread as dippers (again, I'd probably cut it into smaller pieces and then crisp them in the oven so it's more like croutons.) Unfortunately every recipe I've seen does call for cream cheese.

    Lastly...did you explain to the host that you were planning on meatballs and that you really don't have the time/budget to change at the last minute like this? Did they give you an explanation for why meatballs were a no go?

    1. Given that they told you no to the meatballs and no to bread pudding I think I'd be a "no" show.

      1. I have to say i think it is very ungreatful and rude for the host to tell you the day before that your dish is somehow "not ok" and unrealistic to expect you to spend the time and effort to make and bring something else.

        Most pantries have the basics for a five layer dip, just use the motz in it- (beans, salsa, sour cream, shredded lettuce, cheese, olives) and if you have chips or raw veggies to go with

        If you have pasta and sauce a baked ziti or spaghetti pie

        1. Sandwiches, perhaps? Grilled cheese, wrapped in foil and placed in a cooler, would use your stated ingredients. There are also plenty of finger sandwich options depending on your pantry and friends--egg,tuna, pb&j, cucumber, etc.

          What about Pizza dip?
 or similar
          If you have canned tomatoes & herbs, you can make your own pizza sauce. Brown and season some of the meat from the off-limits meatballs to replace the pepperoni. Roll out, quarter, and toast some of your bread to serve as crackers. Keep warm in a cooler.

          Or, what about something entirely different? My go-to emergency sweet is a peanut butter cookie: 1 cup sugar, 1egg, 1cup peanut butter. 1tsp. Baking powder & 1tsp vanilla are optional. Roll into balls, press with a fork, bake.
          If I'm fancy, I use some cocoa, chocolate chips, or nutella.

          If those aren't helpful, perhaps give us some more info (how many people, why your other ideas are banned, the type if group, what sorts of things are in your pantry, etc.
          )Or, tell your friend the option is to not come or not bring anything--kinda rough to ban your recipe ideas at the last minute!

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            If you go with the pizza dip idea, we used to make homemade Melba toasts which you could serve with the dip.

            Cut the crusts off the bread. Roll the bread flat with a rolling pin, cut into 2 triangles and brush with melted butter. Then place on a cookie sheet and toast in the oven until crisp.

          2. are those 2 items seriously the only ingredients at your disposal?

            could you tell us why meatballs or bread pudding aren't acceptable? even savory bread pudding is out?