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Oct 11, 2013 09:29 PM

Dinner for large group (50-60 ppl) Saturday night BYOB if possible

Hello Fellow CHs,

For a Saturday night in November :
Looking for a restaurant for my husband's graduation able to accommodate a large group of 50-60 either in the resto or in private room. Average age of group is 40.
Ideally BYOB
I would prefer French, Italian or market cuisine
Price per person 30-35$ if possible
Not too casual
Hope it's descriptive enough...

Thanks mucho!

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  1. Precision: For a Saturday night in November

    1. There was a very similar question just a few days ago here, might want to keep your eye on it as well:


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        Thank u for the tread
        I read all the threads involving large groups but I do not want Greek and would like maybe a private room or separate space then everyone else in restaurant

      2. You could try to privatize the second seating at "Les Infidèles" .

        It hard to find something "french" or "market", not too casual at that price range; most/all BYOB are quite casual.

        1. Bitoque might work. Food is ok, no more than that but they have prix fixe menus that would fit your budget, BYOB and a downstairs function room that I think would seat 50

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            Here is what it says at the English version of their website: bitoque.ca

            Private Room

            The BITOQUE offers its Art Gallery used as a private room and with a maximum capacity of 75 people.

            For the exclusivity of the Gallery, the customer must reserve and pay for a minimum of people.

            Please view the reservation policy for groups for more details.

            The restaurant is not far from Lionel-Groulx métro station: two métro lines (orange and green), which is very convenient.

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              Thanks for reco
              I called them but on voicemail they were saying private parties only Sunday and Monday ...so I assumed I could not reserve that room for a Saturday...I should call and speak with someone to inquire.

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                They hold private parties other nights - it's possible to reserve the restaurant itself, depending on how many people, although perhaps not on a Saturday. If you're looking at Bitoque, perhaps you should consider Au Petit Extra - at least the food's better, and price isn't bad even though it's not BYOB.

            2. The original comment has been removed