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Oct 11, 2013 08:56 PM

Monkey King Noodle Company

ok it kind of has wonky hours right now I guess because they are just getting open. But I am predicting this place is going to be the next hot thing...and I am going to be able to say I ate there when.. Amazing.. handpulled noodels ...dumplings authentic as I have tasted. so fresh and good.

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  1. Love that suggestion, girloftheworld!! I'm heading to NYC in 3 weeks and going to Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles (1 Doyers Place, (Chinatown), NY 10003) or Xi'an Famous Foods (several locations), famous for their "hand-ripped" noodles (with cumin lamb)!
    Where is Monkey King?

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      3014 Main Street
      Dallas, Texas 75226
      When you come back from your travel and have a yen ( hahah see what I did there ) thinking geee I wish there was a place asgood as NY you can be comforted knowing the Monkey is there

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        Not really the same thing as hand torn noodles but they do have knife cut noodles not the ripped at Sichuan King in Richardson that comes with a variety of soup versions or I believe stir fried versions as well. I do know they have cumin lamb dishes there as well.

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          Quick follow up on Sichuan King. I suggest mainly sticking to the original menu items. I ordered the cumin lamb and it was awful. I say "mainly" only because they do have an appetizer, not on the original menu, called tiger skin which is wok cooked jalapenos (sliced in half lengthwise) with garlic and oil and msg and it's awesome. Kinda like blistered shishito peppers but very spicy, way more flavor, and not offered in every restaurant in the city.

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          Definitely got to Xi'an, it's incredible. The Lamb Burger is overrated, and justly not talked about like it used to be, but the Liang Pi Cold Noodles are amazing.

          I went to Monkey King a couple weeks ago and they were unfortunately sold out by the time we got to the window so I still want to try it. However, they did offer us a sample XLB and it was not good. Thick doughy noodles and flavorless filling.

          That said, XLB is not the dish to evaluate the restaurant on so i will try again per girloftheworld's recommendation.

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            Xi'an was one of my go-to places for take out when I lived in the East Village. Agreed- the lamb burger isn't very good, but it's cheap. Same goes for the pork burger. But all of the noodle dishes are excellent, though a teeny bit greasy. I'd always wind up buying their tiger salad to cut some of the oily richness.

        3. Thanks for the rec, girloftheworld. What did you order specifically? I will try to check this place out ...

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            beef noodles and pork dumplings... they keep trying out new dishes so who knows what will land on the perment menu. I missed out on the spicy cucumber salad which I heard from a friend was amazing :(