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Oct 11, 2013 06:10 PM

Have you ever cooked in your fireplace ?

Inspired from another post .Hanging a chicken by a string.

I love cooking in my fireplace,a very large wood stove. During the winter I have a fire most evenings. I have cooked steak straight on the coals,braised meats in my cast iron pot,roasted vegtables,and plenty of other. Tried pizza that was a failure.If you have a fireplace have you ever cooked in it ? I love cooking in mine.

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  1. Re the steak, do you let the logs burn all the way down to just coals? Do you then have to rebuild your fire?

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      When the fire is burning hot. I'll take some coals and move them to the otherside.Take my bellows and blow the ash off the coals. Toss on the steak cook maybe 2 1/2 min side.Remove the meat.If the fire needs a log I'll toss one on.It's one of my favorite methods.

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        I remember a couple cooking steak on coals like on an episode of Julia Cooking with Master Chefs. I have considered trying it in our fire ring but have never made the effort to do so.

        We had a fireplace in an earlier home we owned. The only thing I remember cooking in it were hotdogs.

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          The door to our wood stove wasn't big enough to allow that. Thanks for explaining.

      2. At the farm we had a masonry furnace beside the kitchen. We did one burn a day, about a bushel of wood, and it got up to about 1200 degrees fahrenheit. It had a small oven lined with firebrick above the fire box, and as the temperatures cooled, you could bake bread, make pizza, do a roast with vegs. Heating 2800 square feet cost about $200/year and in winter you really didn't need to turn the stove on.

        1. As a kid, our electricity wasn't too reliable and went out every time it rained. Mom made quite a few braised dishes and soups and chilis for dinner then. I thought it was pretty fun back then.

          1. We have a two-sided fireplace with one side in the great room and the other side open to the kitchen. The kitchen side has a little hibachi in it - and my mum used to always make our steaks there. She made a mean steak.
            Now my husband uses a Big Green Egg out on the back porch, but we still keep the hibachi for nostalgia. We keep talking about using it, but haven't gotten around to it. This might be because I remember my mum struggling to deal with the ashes afterwards (not nice to have ashes all over the kitchen).

            1. Yes, but nothing too complicated - just toast or crumpets on a roasting fork or jaffles in a metal jaffle maker or baked potatoes wrapped in foil. I think it was probably more of an excuse to sit directly in front of the fire with my roasting fork, but hot, smokey, buttered toast is pretty good.

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                Yes, I remember my mum would do the crumpets with lashings of butter while we all sat around the fire on a cold evening. At the same time we boys heated the horse chestnuts for drying and drilling to make conkers.