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Oct 11, 2013 03:00 PM

Saugus, Mass

Looking for good places in the area to have a moderate priced lunch?

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  1. I'm fond of Victor's Italian Restaurant at 560 Lincoln Ave. It's not much more than a sub shop that does salads and pastas and a few scaloppine-type entrees, but it is a scratch kitchen with a fine house red sauce and very nice prices. Example: I was surprised when I ordered a veal parm sub and watched the chef pound, bread and pan-fry the cutlet to order. Very nice version of clams and linguine in a white-wine/garlic sauce.

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      +1 on Victor's. Owner is super-sweet. On my second visit she remembered me and snuck a brownie into my bag.

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        do you have any preferences for types of food, atmosphere, price etc to help narrow it down??

    2. I could get killed for this, but how about a greasy Kowloon lunch special, all under $10 and none even remotely authentic.

      Shrimp and lobster sauce with fried rice won't kill ya.

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      1. Thanks for the replies but I was hoping for a little more for lunch. I like most types of foods, Mexican, Italian, Indian and American, in the moderate price range. Good appetizers, salads, sandwiches and burgers with great atmosphere. We are meeting out- of-town friends.

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            Is Donatello's in Saugus...address?

            Thanks for replying!

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              Donatello's is on Route 1 North. It's a very nice restaurant - white linens, etc. The food is pretty good and the service is accommodating. I think you'd like it for lunch.


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            Saugus is tough, I think. Not a lot of great choices. Are you limited to Saugus, or could you venture to somewhere like Lynnfield or Peabody?

            For Saugus, I would probably choose Border Cafe, which is Mexican/Cajun fusion. (Yes, I know it has its detractors on this site, but I've had some good food at the Burlington location.) If the atmosphere is like Burlington, it can get a little noisy when it is full.

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              thanks for more infor.. when you say great atmosphere, what are you picturing? chic? homey? old school comfy? party central? hooters?? funky? Saugus has some of those...although cant say I have ever been to Hooters..

            2. A few spots come to mind.

              Angela's Coal Fired Pizza on Route 1. Great wings, decent pizza.
              Iron Town Diner off Lynn Fells Parkway just opened. Very nice spot for breakfast or lunch. Good food. Friendly service and an attractive interior.
              Lendy's Deli and Restaurant on Broadway at Route 1 is a New York (Jewish) style deli. Ok, It's not Katz's, but the potato pancakes are good, as is the Reuben sandwich, or the challa sliders. They make a good chopped liver.

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                You might like Jimmy's Steerhouse. Its a very decent steakhouse with 10$ lunches, excellent seafood, sides,apps etc, If you do want to go a little further to Lynnfield, the new Market Street shopping area would be really great to take out of towners. Lots of eating choices..Yardhouse, Legal C Bar, Davios, Boloco, etc. I have only been to Yard house but it was really good. Its a big cavernous modern, loud, but not too loud for lunch, outdoor seating and hundreds of beers. Best part is the half price happy hour from 3 to 6. Have tried the Garlic chicken noodles (with veggie 'chicken' substituted, 4 cheese pizza, sliders, veggie fried chix with hand cut fries and California roll.. All about 5 bucks and great flavors and nice presentations, very attentive staff and accommodates any tastes. More vegetarian options than anywhere I have seen.

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                  Has anyone tried the new incarnation of The Ship? Menu sounds a bit upscale. The atmosphere is probably decent, plus it looks like a ship but haven't been yet..

                  1. Hammersmith Restaurant serves lunch and if it's anything like the breakfast they serve you should be happy.