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Oct 11, 2013 02:55 PM

Lunch & Dinner Recs for weekend on Coronado & SD Civic Theare

Will be on Coronado Isl for the 1st time with family (adults & young adults). Also going to the show at SD Civic Th on Saturday night. Have a birthday celebration on Sat. We'll have a car. Leaving on Sun after breakfast.

Looking for lunch and dinner recommendations during our stay but prefer to stay away from chain restaurants (e.g., Roy's).

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  1. Tender Greens and Currant are just around the corner from the Civic Theater.
    Dobson's, too. Check hours to make sure they're open.

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    1. re: The Office Goat

      Took the words right from my keyboard. +1 on both of these.

    2. I love Leory's kitchen in Coronado. Had a great dinner there recently.

      1. Coronado..
        Hotel Del 1500 Ocean and Crown Room for Sunday brunch
        Brigantine happy hour tacos and welcome..
        Miguel's next door patio for Mex.

        Tender Greens
        Drinks at US Grant Grill or Westgate
        Jsix mussel bisque en croute evah!!

        Take the water taxi over from Coronado to Gaslamp..

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        1. Thanks for the suggestions! Currant, Tender Greens and Leroy's all sound great.

          Anyone have personal experience with Oceanaire & Bertrand's?

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            Both pretty pricey. Oceanaire is part of a national chain, but it is worth a visit for oyster happy hour and the crab cake. Nice happy hour on the patio at Bertrand's with a terrific view, otherwise I would skip it.