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Oct 11, 2013 02:19 PM

Alsace and Auberge de L'Ill

I will be in Alsace for a few days, and I am planning on having lunch at Auberge de L'Ill. I am also traveling through Germany, and am planning on going to Schwarzwaldstube as well. I plan on going to both, though I may have to choose between them. Can anyone who has been to both of these places make a comparison?

Also, are there any other recommendations in Alsace for more casual or Michelin one-star places?

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  1. The four best meals of my life have been at Auberge de Lille. Definitely have the fois terrine and the salmon souffle. the roast chicken is a sleeper, and not to be missed. The chariots of dessert and cheese are amazing. If I had to pick one item, it would be the fois (order extra toast). Food in Germany can be great, but we lived in the Black Forest and went to Alsace for our special meals. (I believe that German chefs have upped their game recently, however.)

    1. Have not been to Swhwarzwaldstube, but a sunday lunch at Auberge de l`ill was unforgetable. For michelin one stars there are some really good ones in Colmar (JYS,Rendes-vous de la Chasse and L`Atelier du Peintre), which also is a nice city to visit.

      You can also try Restaurant de la Gare in Guewnheim and Winstub de sommelier in Bergheim. Both have spectacular winelists, especially for local wines..

      I will also recommand Bernard Anthonys cheese tastings in Vieux-Ferrette. Great great cheese. Worth a trip on its own.

      1. We also had a magical meal at Auberge de L'Ill, although this was a few years ago and just before Christmas when the place was full of locals in a festive mood. I find the ambiance really affects the experience so oddly I would be reluctant to return because I want to keep the memory precious.

        That said, I think iass t is one of those places that does really deliver in all the right areas, food, location, service, tradition etc etc .

        Personally I have yet to try any of the German superstar restaurants and its very interesting to see the buzz around the rise of many new German restaurants - is German cooking going to be the next big thing? Maybe that's a plan for our next trip to Horst Jankowski (or Herb Albert) would say enjoy Eine Schwarzwaldfahrt.

        1. Definitely Auberge de l'll over Schwarzwaldstube. Another great one in Alsace is L'Arnsbourg in Baerenthal (approximately 2 hour drive from Frankfurt).

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            Thank you. I've been to L'Arnsbourg, a nice experience.

            I will be booking Auberge de L'ill for lunch. Actually, when I was in the area a couple of years ago, I stopped by around lunchtime to see if they would take me as a walk in; I knew the odds were against me, and they reacted as I suspected.

          2. Been to Auberge de l'Ill 2 times, once in September once in December, great both times.
            Never been to Schwarzwaldstube but in that general area is a very good competitor, Restaurant at the Hotel Bareiss, 3 stars, been there 2 times (first time when they had 2 stars, then again after the 3rd) also, excellent but would take Auberge de l'Ill over it.
            In Alsace, in Lembach, is an EXCELLENT 1 star, Auberge du Cheval Blanc, almost as good a l'Ill but about half the price, been there 6 times or more, love it.