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Oct 11, 2013 10:41 AM

Brunch in Stamford?

Looking for a Brunch spot to meet a friend where we can talk, linger and enjoy delicious food without our kids in tow.

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  1. I live and grew up in Stamford, but for a good brunch I would venture to Greenwich and Darien instead.
    The only thing in Stamford (and go for the View not the Food, food is fair at best) is Dolce Cubano.
    Reference this article for some ideas. Missing from the list and that are very noteworthy:
    1020 Post in Darien
    Eastias in Darien (more casual)
    Eleven14 Kitchen in Greenwich

    1. The City Limits Diner in Stamford (near the Greenwich line) has a good all-day breakfast menu as well as upscale diner fare. It's a big place, so you could linger.

      1. Best brunch in town is found at Volta. A total change of pace from standard fare. Great marys and belinnis.