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Oct 11, 2013 09:44 AM

Soft Shell Crab, and yes, I know it's october

So the BF is craving soft shells. I have explained to him that they are going to be frozen and he's ok with that. So two questions:
where can i buy them frozen to cook at home?
are they on the menu at any place year round but NOT batter fried? Pan sauteed, just no flour or breading.

yes, he is not a chowhound.

Location and price not important

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  1. I looked on Menu Pages find a food search and there seems to be a lot of area restaurants that have it on their menus.

    1. I think any chef would be fine giving you flour-dredged sauteed SSC. AFAIK SSC only come raw frozen, not coated w/ batter etc. If you haven't had frozen before, my take on them is that they are very watery and the flavor much diminished. just fyi. I am guessing here that the higher end and artisinal chefs- will not use frozen SSC, so you migiht look at chain places and maybe PFChang's type places.
      Sushi restnts usually? use frozen, which they tempura/batter fry and include in 'Spider Maki.'

      How about convincing him to detour and look for lump blue fin crab, which is foil-packed from Asia and very flavorful.

      1. you can get them in china town.

        as he is not a hound; he probably will be happy with the frozen version.

        but why are you happy with him?

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          Because I always get to choose the restaurant. And even if I cook hot dogs he is thrilled.

        2. Connolly's in Gloucester has them fresh frozen and they are fantastic - a 6 pack for $15. We live on those all winter. Bring cash call ahead for the hours.

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          1. re: ipsofatso

            I now realize that my bad experience was with SSC that we had frozen ourselves, so the professionally flash frozen ones should be much better, as per your experience. That seems like a great price. Must go up there and try them.

            btw, does Connolly's sell the foil pack lump blue crab meat from Indonesia?Usually about $16 lb. BJ's no longer sells it but it makes for a real superior crab cake.

          2. We had some in the local ShopRite, in NJ, this week they were large but expensive (~$7 each), not sure if they were fresh or had been frozen.