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Adonis coming to Scarborough

I went to Adonis today and I saw a sign saying opening soon in Scarborough! I'm sure this will make a few people really happy.

As an aside, I bought some of their freshly fried falafelsd and it was actually very good. Greaseless, nicely seasoned, and crispy. It isd also a great value. About 40 cents for a small muffin sized falafel

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  1. Thanks for that tip about the falafels! I always feel a bit peckish when I'm there. :) So far, I've only gotten the spinach pie.

    I love getting the squash seeds from the nuts section, very lightly salted and great as a snack! And we always stock up on their whole wheat pita.

    We picked up a box of thick breadsticks covered in cumin seeds and they are really good and addictive. They were on the shelves by the fresh baklava.

    1. Adonis Mississauga is wicked, they're one of the best spots I've found serving Montreal style shawarma out of all my time searching for it! Done with nicely marinated white meat.

      Their garlic potatoes with the thick garlic sauce totally reminds me of Boustan on Crescent.

      And they even have the elusive roasted cauliflower as one of the side dishes for the plate! Love it..

      They've got a MASSIVE fresh baklava area, and while definitely above average, they aren't as good as Baklava King on Dundas

      The pitas are fresh baked using a huge automated machine behind glass windows where you can see them bake in front of you and make their trip down the assembly line, but I think another poster on here was saying they weren't overly impressed with their overall taste

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        The shish taouk, my goodness, the shush taouk....
        The olive bar is great as is the cheese selection.

        I can't get on the baklava program at Adonis. I am very spoiled when it comes to baklava.

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          I think they are better than anything you'd find in a grocery store or Costco, for certain. But yeah they aren't as good as a nice independant place. My only beef really with them is that the phyllo is sometimes a bit soggy on the bottom, they need to crisp them up better. Every single layer should "crackle" when you bite into it.. They're about on par with what you'd get at Paramount Foods

          Since you made that comment about being spoiled by great baklava, where are your favorites from? Baklava King in Etobicoke is pretty wicked

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            The phyllo on the bottom gets soggy because of the syrup, however lightly poured, which will pool to the bottom (dagnabbit that gravity! :). ). They syrup gets poured on after baking and must sit in the baklava to facilitate cutting.

            My baklava comes from my kitchen,and while easy to make, it is finicky work, so the recipe gets pulled out twice a year at most. It is my Granny's recipe. But,the real answer to your question, is I have never found a commercial baklava I like. They are all wildly oversyruped to me

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              CC, have you tried the baklava and related pastries at Patisserie Royale? Not too sweet, not too syrupy -- I'm not a big fan of honeyed phyllo pastries in general, but these are awesome.

              1. re: TorontoJo

                Thanks TorontoJo! No, I have not as I'm rarely in the area/ that far East, but willing to give to a try!

                (I also make mine with almonds as I find the :crunch stays longer and I like the almond, sugar, cinnamon combination better than with pistachios found in most baklava as the nut tends to get soft after a day or two).

                1. re: CocoaChanel

                  I prefer almonds and cashews to pistachio as well

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          I was really sold on them at the beginning because of teh variety ofBaklava. My only thing is, when I ask the ladies working there if they make it in store they said yes (is it a language issue)? I don't know.

          I had a feeling their kitchen could not make so many varities and when I asked further they admitted that they are made offsite.

          That's my only qualm about this place. if it isn't made onsite at least be honest about it.

        3. I try to limit my travels in the area to once a week! Great store. Grab something new on every visit. Try some of the Lebanese jams, too. Apricot is killer.

          Sadly, it looks like Arz down on Cawthra n. of Dundas W is stalled, maybe for good. Despite signage, there's been zero work on the store since late July.

          1. Scarborough is a different market from Mississauga. They may have a tough time.

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              Why would they?? Scarborough is full of people that buy that kind of food. And you don't need to be from Middle East background to shop there. "Skyland" supermarket on Lawrence/Scarboro Golf Club is Chinese, but see more "Carribean" people in there than Chinese. I don't think Adonis will have that much trouble. Maybe in the begining until they build their name/reputation.

            2. Do you know where the Adonis in Scarborough will be?

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                Hi, It is actually under construction. They will be located right next to "The Brick" at Warden/Eglinton next to Homesense. It is still under construction, but it says opening in 2014, but no month specified. The Brick downsized and Adonis took the other half of the building. I'm really happy they're coming here. This store has made its name in montreal and I'm sure it will work well here. Many people from Middle East and we needed a Middle East supermarket that size in T.O.

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                  Adonis is not "Middle East " enough and its prices are too high.

              2. Saw a sign up yesterday that said opening April 30th.
                Can't wait.

                This area is fantastic for the variety of places we have to shop here.

                1. Official Opening April 30, 2014

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                    Saw the sign yesterday. Sooo glad to have a real grocery store near a full sized and Vintages'd LCBO. Now if only you could sell beer & wine at the grocery store. Hmmmm...

                    1. re: Googs

                      Looking forward to checking out this new place.

                  2. I had a chance to visit Adonis yesterday as they officially opened up for their first day of business.

                    All in all, they got off to a good start. Well staffed, a few minor hiccups but nothing they won't work out.

                    I think they took a Walmart approach, which is to have some senior staff on hand from Mississauga or Montreal to help the new employees. Much better then the Target approach, which is essentially the blind leading the blind..ie. throw all the new employees into the deep end and let them sink or swim.
                    Lots of counter staff, lots of cashiers, good produce, good prices, the prepared foods and desserts were all decent. Nothing outstanding or destination worthy of course, but that's expected.

                    Adonis will definitely take a bite out of the neighbourhood competition.

                    1. Dropped by yesterday.
                      Few observations:
                      Fresh Filo and Brik dough - very nice
                      Fish counter looking very good - Octopus $20
                      Endless amounts of marinated chicken in all formats
                      The vegetables were as nice as Arz but not as nice as Fiesta or Highland
                      The pita (from the giant pita maker) was nice and elastic with a tiny bit of sweetness
                      Finds - Spanish Peppers, Frozen Artichoke Hearts
                      Not impressed with the housemade falafel and kibbeh
                      The staff is sweet but totally un-informed

                      1. Stopped today.
                        Boring house made pita,
                        Small overpriced and boring chicken shawarma; good for young children
                        Stale peanuts.
                        The Cedar yoghurt is good and on sale -99c for 650ml.
                        Cedar chickpeas 2 for $1. Check the flyer for more.

                        Adonis is a good way towards going native, but it doesn't make laugh, which I do when I visit Pusateri's.

                        1. The store is open you have not advertise at save .ca I check every week the advertisement ?

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                            Have tried Adonis a couple of times now in the recent weeks, including today. I have had good luck with their beef. Well marbled and decent pricing. I don't normally go there but from what I could see, a good option to the big box stores in that area.