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Oct 11, 2013 08:04 AM

Greasy Silicone Mats

I'm going nuts with this. I love my silicone baking mats, except that they are SO hard to get clean. After they are washed and dried, they have a film of grease on them. I am not talking about the natural, slick-sticky feel of the silicone; I mean a film of grease that is visible to the naked eye and feels greasy.

I use Dawn, which is the best dish degreaser I know of. Adding baking soda seems to help cut the grease and get the mats clean, but not always. Running them through the dishwasher doesn't help. Any ideas?

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  1. I was going to suggest the dishwasher, that has worked for me - but I certainly know what you mean. When ever I hand wash I always think - how on earth are they still greasy.

    I'll be curious if anyone else has found any tricks.

    1. Good Lord; me too- I wash those things 2-3 times & they still feel greasy- I don't like that!

      1. I finally got annoyed enough that I just use parchment 95% of the time, unless I have to go over 425, it's just not worth the gawl darn frustration later.

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          yes, parchment. I buy it in bulk from King Arthur Flour on line. Threw away the silpat after liking it a lot first. Not worth the trouble.

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            Same thing here. I switched to parchment. Much better than obsessing over cleaning the silicone mats.

          2. Notes I took on this problem say to wash with hot water and good dish detergent, using a nylon scrubby to scrub in tight circles. Rinse, then feel for sticky areas. Pour 1/4" layer of baking soda on the sticky places, then rub it in with a wet scrubby and let the paste dry completely. Then wash and rinse again.

            That said, I now use parchment instead.

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              Thanks! Using additional baking soda seems to be the way to go.

            2. The 'grease' just improves the nonstick properties. I only rinse them in very hot water for general use, and give them a quick scrub with detergent if they feel sticky after a long period of non-use.