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Oct 11, 2013 07:30 AM

Prairie Artisan Ales

So far I've had three of their beers and have found them all to be very impressive.

We only get a few of their beers out here in SF, but so far I've had Puncheon, 'Merica, and Bomb!

Puncheon was a very tasty sour/funky farmouse ale, 'Merica was a brett-spiked Belgian pale, and Bomb! is a 14% Imperial stout with coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and chili peppers (you'd never know it was 14% - mellow and smooth).

Anyone else tried any of their stuff? Would love to hear about more varieties that I should seek out.

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  1. How coincidental - I was in BDBS in San Diego Monday (seeing if they had Avery Rumpkin - score!), and saw a few of the Prairie Artisan beers - the 'Merica and the Funky Galaxy. I was intrigued, and got a bottle of the 'Merica. I'll let you know what I think when I pop it open.