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Oct 11, 2013 06:52 AM

Boston trip report

From New York via Vermont we arrived in Boston. First night dinner was the Creperie on Newbury street, where I have eaten before, but on this night we were the only people there and it was fairly clear that they were hoping to close up soon!
Second night made up for it - Erbaluce was one of the best meals in the whole trip. The service was especially good - we can't remember ever having been given the prices of the specials as well as such a detailed description. Wine was slightly pricey (but excellent!) and the whole evening very memorable.
Last night, Stephanie's on Newbury, for really good salads, and a shared portion of peach cobbler which tasted home made in the best possible way.
We had breakfast at Flour (for the oatmeal and the Breton buns), and lunch at somewhere called (I think) Metro near the Children's museum. We were hungry, saw lots of local people all carrying the same take out bags, followed the herd and were not disappointed!

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  1. What did you have at Erbaluce?

    1. Linda, reports from visitors are always so helpful to us!Steph's mostly gets Boston CH negated, so it's good to know about the salads there. And i don't remember reading previous kudos to Erbaluce's service, so that is really great to know (as the food is so often raved and recommended.)thx!

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        The salads at Stephanie's are serviceable if dated but they are also wildly overpriced. $17 for field greens and goat cheese with balsamic vinagrette? Ridiculous.

        I don't understand what people find so appealing about that patio that they pay these prices for this kind of food--is tourist-watching that interesting?

        1. re: LeoLioness

          wow, now THAT's an overpriced salad. But then again, a beautiful street with history, architecture, trees and a very lively sidewalk scene....When you're on vacatn far away from home, sometimes you just want to spend time being part of an appealing scene, so you splurge a bit. ( Is the pound in a better position than the dollar lately;maybe this visitor reaped the benefits of that exchange rate...?)

          1. re: LeoLioness

            Is there anything on Newbury street not overpriced ?

              1. re: libertywharf

                Steve's seems properly priced. Had an "egg sandwich" there last week. Eggs were properly poached, and the English muffin was nicely toasted. Not a place for a celebratory dinner most likely, but it was a very acceptable breakfast and they let us sit and chat for as long as we needed. My eating companions liked it enough to return the next day.

          2. I've worked on Newbury for 12 years and never noticed the crepe place. I will try it soon.

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              The Creperie has been there for a couple of years in one of the buildings owned by the Newbury Guest House. At one point, I think the Guest House was using it for the breakfast room as well. I understand the Guest House will have a bakery/cafe opening in another space there.


            2. Glad to hear you liked Stephanie's. I like it and it seems to draw the attention of my Brit friends and clients who never miss going there on their Boston visits.
              I have to add that they sit on that patio for hours.