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Oct 11, 2013 06:25 AM

Food Trucks & Flicks- Tampa

I was wondering if anyone has attended this monthly event in Tampa? Thoughts?

We've got two nights in Tampa with the first at Bern's and thought we might do a nice lunch the following day and then check this event out for some casual bites before heading to a concert in Ybor City.

Thought I'd see if anyone had gone and/or just share it as I didn't see any mentions of it on chowhound.

Cheers and thanks!

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  1. There was a rally just yesterday. I have been to them and my advice is to get there early. It will be crowded and the popular trucks sometimes run out of food. I do updates om truck rallies on Facebook.

    1. It's really good I think... A whole bunch of trucks are lined up, not much waiting the few times I've gone------- and The Pour House, a great Craft Beer spot is right there!