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Oct 11, 2013 06:18 AM

In Markham tonight - Markham Museum area or on the way?

I am planning to head up to Markham tonight to check out this big art installation happening at the Markham Museum until Sunday (or Monday?). I don't really know the area that well so I don't know what to expect in terms of restaurants/food options along the way. I see that Markham Road turns into 'Main Street" for a short stretch, is that like a downtown area?

I really don't know much about Chinese food and I am guessing that is what I will find mainly in that area but looking for any recs of spots close by and in particular dishes to order. I am open to any type of cuisine and willing to get off at an earlier exit (coming from the west end). I tried looking at some other threads but since I don't know the geography well it is hard for me to figure out what area I should be focussing on.

Any recs would be much appreciated!

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  1. That is one area in Markham that you will not find Chinese food. It is not too far from Babu though, if you are driving.
    There are lots of restaurants on Main St Markham, but nothing super special. Also if you are planning to drive north on Markham Rd from the 401, be aware that Markham Rd going north is closed at Hwy 7. You may want to plan an alternate route.

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    1. re: sweetie

      I wouldn't recommend Babu to my worst enemy.

      The latest Big Bone BBQ isn't too far from the Markham Museum and there's a Congee Queen pretty close to that as well. Haven't been to the new BBB, but that Congee Queen's good.

      1. re: Googs

        +1 for the congee queen there. Great food!

        1. re: Googs

          What don't you like about Babu? I love the place. Wish it wasn't so far from me.

          1. re: Googs

            Wait, Big Bone is good? I didn't realize it was a chain, but the location is horrible, might have to give it a try now!

            1. re: Wil

              Not all Big Bone BBQ's are alike as I understand it. I've enjoyed the wares in Newmarket (amazing) and Woodbridge (very good). Markham's very much worth the gamble.

          2. re: sweetie

            Thanks for the construction heads up!

            will check out Congee Queen and Peachtree and maybe consider Big Bone too (wasn't super impressed by their Barrie offering but heard some of their locations are good).

          3. Depending on where you're coming from, and by what mode, you could potentially get dinner at Peachtree Centre plaza at Highway 7 and Kennedy. BlogTO just realised it existed:

            1. There's also Elegant Chinese Cuisine on Hwy 7 (just east of McCowan, north side of Hwy 7). It's in the same strip mall area as Lick's and Congee Queen.

              I've eaten there a few times with family over the past few years and have found the food to be decent to good.

              1. Thanks all. I ended up going to the museum first and went to Congee Queen around 10pm. Ordered a bunch of stuff including the fried patty things, beef brisket curry with rice and BBQed pork( they were out of roast pork). Thanks to the tips in the other thread on congee queen.

                Btw, recommend checking out the exhibit, was really cool seeing it at night and it is free. Runs for a few more days I think but tonight is the last night it is open.