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Oct 11, 2013 01:39 AM

Lunch in Romford

Is there anywhere interesting to have lunch in Romford? It doesn't have to be fancy, and I'm open to any style of food at all — just something a bit more interesting than e.g. Wetherspoons (which is my Plan B).

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  1. Not even Hardens has a Romford listing

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      Indeed. I'm not enormously hopeful that I'll find somewhere. The Kenya Coffee House ( ) is the most likely suggestion I've had so far, but I don't drink coffee so its main selling point is lost on me.

    2. I'm partial to Robin's Pie & Mash in the Quadrant Arcade. The fishmonger next door sells really fresh cockles. I find the chicken shish skewers at Express Kebab near the station to be decent. Morris' Pasties on Western Road is a decent little cafe. I used to be partial to Bekash Tandoori on Victoria Road until I discovered Cranham Tandoori in nearby Upminster. Other than that nothing else jumps out at me in terms of local suggestions.

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        Thank you! I'll take a look at the fishmonger at least.

        Elsewhere I've been recommended the Romford BBQ House (formerly Fig Leaf) at 100 South Street, for Turkish barbecue and other dishes.

        1. My trip to Romford was postponed a couple of times but I finally made it there a couple of days ago.

          I had lunch at the Kenya Coffee House, which turns out to be a restaurant as well as a coffee shop. It has a few Kenyan specialities like ugali and mukimo, plus various curries. I had fried tilapia with ugali and creamed spinach — the tilapia was nicely seasoned though a little over-fried in places. I'd not had ugali before, and found it similar to fufu/pounded yam but with a less-smooth texture. The spinach was delicious and I would happily eat a bowlful of it right now.

          Photos of my lunch and the menu: and

          I also dropped in to the fishmonger recommended by jeremyh1 (its name turns out to be T Bush) — sadly they'd sold out of the cockles by the time I got there! I'll be in Romford again at some point next month and will try again.