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Lunch in Romford

  • Kake Oct 11, 2013 01:39 AM
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Is there anywhere interesting to have lunch in Romford? It doesn't have to be fancy, and I'm open to any style of food at all — just something a bit more interesting than e.g. Wetherspoons (which is my Plan B).

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  1. Not even Hardens has a Romford listing

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      Indeed. I'm not enormously hopeful that I'll find somewhere. The Kenya Coffee House ( http://kenyacoffeehouse.eu/ ) is the most likely suggestion I've had so far, but I don't drink coffee so its main selling point is lost on me.

    2. I'm partial to Robin's Pie & Mash in the Quadrant Arcade. The fishmonger next door sells really fresh cockles. I find the chicken shish skewers at Express Kebab near the station to be decent. Morris' Pasties on Western Road is a decent little cafe. I used to be partial to Bekash Tandoori on Victoria Road until I discovered Cranham Tandoori in nearby Upminster. Other than that nothing else jumps out at me in terms of local suggestions.

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        Thank you! I'll take a look at the fishmonger at least.

        Elsewhere I've been recommended the Romford BBQ House (formerly Fig Leaf) at 100 South Street, for Turkish barbecue and other dishes.

      2. :D

        1. My trip to Romford was postponed a couple of times but I finally made it there a couple of days ago.

          I had lunch at the Kenya Coffee House, which turns out to be a restaurant as well as a coffee shop. It has a few Kenyan specialities like ugali and mukimo, plus various curries. I had fried tilapia with ugali and creamed spinach — the tilapia was nicely seasoned though a little over-fried in places. I'd not had ugali before, and found it similar to fufu/pounded yam but with a less-smooth texture. The spinach was delicious and I would happily eat a bowlful of it right now.

          Photos of my lunch and the menu: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kake_pug... and http://www.flickr.com/photos/kake_pug...

          I also dropped in to the fishmonger recommended by jeremyh1 (its name turns out to be T Bush) — sadly they'd sold out of the cockles by the time I got there! I'll be in Romford again at some point next month and will try again.