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Oct 10, 2013 10:50 PM

Guddu de Karahi Opening Oct 15 [SF]

Guddu de Karahi just tweeted its opening date.

"The day we have all been waiting for. October 15"

More info here,

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    1. John and I ate there yesterday and loved it. The restaurant is small but comfortable and modern. We never ate at Guddu's other restaurant, but we thoroughly enjoyed this one. The samosa was delicious -- spiced mashed potato wrapped in a very crispy crust that tasted even better with the spicy creamy chutney and the tamarind chutney served with it. We also had daal, excellent onion kulcha, spicy lamb vindaloo, and Aloo Gobhi (my favorite dish.) John really loved his mango lassi. We're planning to go back very soon.

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        Yay, Nancy! Please use the "edit" button and don't leave us in suspense. :)

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          The internet went down in the middle of my reply. It's up now and my reply is complete.

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            Glad you're back online and thank you! Do you mind sharing how much your repast for two cost?

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              Before tip the bill was about 35.00. That also included a Coke and an order of basmati rice.

        1. I've been in twice and had really nice meals each time. The standouts we've had so far are the tandoori fish (coriander encrusted), the karahi chicken, and the tandoori chop (lamb). The curries and paneer dishes have all been good and the lamb dishes have never been gamey. We weren't that into the seekh kebab on our first visit, but it looked fantastic on someone else's table on our second visit.

          Nancy's recommendation for the mango lassi is a very good one--- it's not too heavy, a statment that's also applies to the food here in general.

          The servers are very nice and work their butts off. But there's only so much they can do in that small and busy a space, so be prepared to wait a bit, either to be seated or to order. It's no bother though---- it's cramped enough that you'll probably strike up a conversation with someone at the next table about what to order. Plus, where else can you watch a Bollywood movie while enjoying some excellent complimentary chai?

          1. We went last night and had a great meal. Service was friendly but slow (although that's what I expected, having been a frequent visitor in the Tenderloin Lahore Karahi days).

            Favorites were lamb vindaloo (spicy!), matar paneer and garlic naan. In the past I've loved the tandoori fish, but pieces of the fish last night were a little muddy tasting. The prices make this feel like a luxurious feast for nothing--we had two drinks (chai and lassi) and a ton of food for less than $30.