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Need a recommendation of a place to have a nice dinner + celebrate anniversary

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We would like to go some place new.... Any suggestions? Thank you, in advance.

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  1. There are some recent suggestions in this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/918578

    What type of food/atmosphere are you looking for? Where have you gone in the past?

    1. Brennan's.


      One of my favorites.

      Likewise, Uchi.


      So, how many years is that now?

      1. The wifeacita and I like the original Carrabba's on Kirby. We sit at the bar in front of the open kitchen. The cooks have been there for years, the chef 20 plus. Timing is impeccable and nothing sits. Fettuccine alfredo from pan to plate in seconds. Yum.