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Oct 10, 2013 08:24 PM

North Side/Lincoln Park

I'm spending a weekend in Chicago staying at the Day's Inn on Diversey & Clark. I'm not familiar with the food situation in that end of the city Any recommendations for a good dinner? Any cuisine is fine, good cooking, and entrees under $20 (even under $15 if possible.)

I'm also looking for good places for lunch around Union Station, the Ogilvie Transportation Center, and in the Loop. Again, looking for places of local distinction, not expensive (~$10 or less) and not a national chain.

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  1. Your hotel is near a venue I like called Peasantry. Interesting, creative well cooked but very reasonably priced food in a comfortable, casual atmosphere. Some great beers available there too and friendly staff.

    You are also nearby Kuma's Too; a heavy metal burger joint. Not my cup of tea, but some love it.

    1. French Market at the Ogilvie Station has some good options.

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        The French Market is a collection of local restaurants and food shops in a food court setting. If you can't find a good lunch option there, you're not looking hard enough. The Little Goat has a spot there and its offerings are great.

      2. Hope it's not too late. The area around Clark has lots of good and cheap options. South of Diversey on Clark/Broadway are The Peasantry and Aloha Eats which serves Hawaiian fare, further south of that is Hema's Kitchen. For desserts, you can also try Mindy's Cupcakes.

        North of Diversey, you have Empanada 5411 for Argentinian empanadas, Andy's Thai Kitchen and Asian Pig Red Kitchen for Thai food, El Nuevo Mexicano for Mexican. Further north is Chicken Hut which serves roasted chicken with adobo spices.

        Inside the French Market, you can grab a sandwich by Pastoral. Pastoral also has their original store near your hotel.