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White Truffles at Maialino - $50 Supp

Is this for real? I was sort of waiting for Maialino to start offering them but $50?!? Any experiences last year? Curious how fresh they are?

Perhaps I should just stick to Truffle Oil

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    1. Maialino offered 5 course white truffle tasting menu last year for $250 if my memory serves me right and it was wonderful.
      Sadly, this year they don't have the tasting menu and go with a la carte.

      FYI, Daniel's supplement charges for white truffle this year are "Tasting $80/ Appetizer $140/ Main Course $220". I had white truffle for the main course last night and as a result, I am having instant noodles for the rest of this month (Just kidding lol).

      1. No opinion about Maialino, but I would pay extra *not* to be subject to truffle oil. Just IMO.

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          "truffle oil"

          Speaking of food euphemisms.

        2. Sadly I have only had white truffles once. Shaved over a bowl of pasta. At Felidia's many years ago. Simple, fresh, elegant perfection. Memorable.

          You could buy them (flown in from Italy):



          IMHO, truffle oil does not compare.

          1. Of course truffle oil doesnt compare, but oh so much more affordable. I had the cheap black summer truffles shaved over pasta in Italy recently which were pretty flavorless, aromaless and less enjoyable than some truffle oil dishes I've had here (namely the Pappardelle in Da Andrea).

            Seeing Daniel's prices makes this a bargain I suppose. Assuming the truffles are fresh.

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              I am going to Milano tomorrow and will eat white truffles every day for a week. In the hills of the Monferrato near Asti, they have communal white truffle blowouts with 25 dishes all with white truffles served at huge tables for 70 Euros including wine. You can smell them overwhelmingly from the parking lot. Lucky me.....

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                Worth the plane ticket...enjoy!

            2. The NoMad is apparently serving them at cost.


              4g for $32, 8g for $64, over tagliatelle or risotto, for $17 and $25, respectively.

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                Yeh, saw this earlier on grubhub as well. I was looking at OpenTable as I was getting your note. Cant find anything open for dinner so booked lunch on Tuesday. ooh I need to make sure they serve it for lunch

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                  Let me know if you find out they're serving them at lunch/brunch ziggy! Thinking of going on Saturday...

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                    They are. Even for breakfast over eggs.
                    I would still call before just to make sure they didn't run out

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                    They do serve white truffles for lunch at The NoMad and it was delicioso as well as a bargain!!!!
                    I had more white truffles at The NoMad than at Del Posto and yet paid less than half of what I paid at the latter.

                    Strongly recommend it and I plan to go back before they run out.

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                      Thanks for reporting. Did you have the Taglietelle or Risotto

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                        I had tagliatelle and it was great.

                2. Food purveyors should not be allowed to call truffle oil truffle oil, unless the oil actually contains truffle, it's extremely misleading and I'm surprised there haven't been lawsuits over this yet. It's false advertising pure and simple.

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                    Truffle oil is a lost cause- but i impulsively bought a truffle salt at the italian market inside chelsea market last year that was the best $50 i spent-long gone now, don't remember the brand but that it was fine sea salt from italy...

                  2. Oh the irony. I just came from a food event at Paulie Gee's where I met Nick Anderer of Maialino, who got a kick out of the way I introduced myself. I just approached his SO and said to her "excuse me, to whom do I complain to about the $50 truffle surcharge"

                    1. An hour later.. best burping action I've had in a while...oops just had another one...

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                        I know what you mean, I know what you mean......

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                          Ha ha good for you!
                          The NoMad offered the best deal of white truffles of all the places I've tried so far. Planning to go back soon.

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                            Wow, looks amazing. Burps aside, was it spectacular? I love white truffles over fresh tagliatelle and I'm visiting next week -plus I've been curious to try NoMad anyway - this may quickly solidify one of my lunch choices.

                            Oh, and did you need a nap after?

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                              Ok, I need to lower the enthusiasm, and expectations one tiny notch if I may
                              First, a little service snafu. My table was set up for 2 (I didnt notice at first) and my waitress left me idle for a while, while I waited for my invisible friend. Another words after a while I had to beg for the truffles ;)

                              I initially thought the tagliatelle and Risotto are priced differently but they are not. 17/25 is for an app or main. But, the waitress then said its a typo and really 25 is the only option (online menu shows only 25).
                              I wasnt about to order a smaller portion anyway, and the dish was on the small size as it was. Thank goodness for that great bread

                              The truffles looked great, and def had that initial profound aromatic burst. But it didnt sustain as much as I would have liked, tho later resurrected in the form of series of short burps. Enjoyed it. Would I do it again? Probably not this year

                              1. re: Ziggy41

                                Re-tasting truffles for days is one of the reasons I eat truffles very rarely when I travel in Italy. I especially don't like eating them at the beginning of my travels, when I am eager to taste all the rest of my meals.

                                As for smelling like truffles, I have wondered, walking home nights from a truffle meal on rural paths, if I should be worrying about the possibility of running into a wild boar (one danger you Manhattan dwellers don't ever have to think about).

                                Still, they can be enjoyable.

                                1. re: barberinibee

                                  Quite funny about running into a wild boar . LOL.
                                  I have run into some bores in Manhattan after eating truffles though

                                2. re: Ziggy41

                                  Appreciate the reality check. I'm going to give it a whirl anyway - still seems like a good venue and dish to kick off my mini chow-trip (er, working trip) with. Thanks.

                                  1. re: peppermint pate

                                    Enjoy! You may also want to consider the Tagliatelle with crab, and the excellent egg dish. The egg and the truffle dish would be a good combo.

                                    1. re: Ziggy41

                                      Thanks for the excellent rec Ziggy41 - we LOVED our lunch at NoMad. We had the buttered radishes with sea salt (perfectly fresh, simple and delicious), then the egg and truffle dish and then the tagliatelle with fresh truffles. The complimentary flatbread (more like a focaccia) with taleggio, roasted grapes and rosemary was delicious and the perfect vehicle for scooping up the remains of the egg dish. Paired with some beautiful white wine, a charming waiter from Montreal, a table next to the fireplace and my wonderful friend for company, it was a most perfect way to start my trip. There's an old world vibe to the space. Really special.

                                      1. re: peppermint pate

                                        This is one Nomad Roast Chicken away from being the most amazing sounding lunch in the history of lunch. Glad you enjoyed. Please report on the rest of the meals

                                        1. re: Ziggy41

                                          It really was a wonderful meal. I will definitely try the roast chicken on another visit, though I must say we were perfectly sated (but not over-full) after this lunch and we would have needed at least one other person at the table to help us tackle another dish. I also loved the way they made a big presentation with the truffle, with 2 of them bringing it to the table and letting us know that it had been in the ground just 48 hours earlier.

                                          Update: here's the mini trip report on the rest of my meals - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/921165

                                          Thanks again!

                              2. re: Ziggy41

                                that reminds me of the conversation my sis, my husband and I had after having Korean bbq. My sis complained of bbq smell on her hair and clothes and my husband goes, wow, you are lucky..i wish i can smell like bbq all the time.

                              3. Recette has white truffles ( $65 supplemental charge) , over pasta. If you like white truffles you won't be upset with the price, because they give you a very generous amount of truffles. It is so delicious. It is one of the dishes on the tasting menu.They have 3 different priced tasting menus, depending on number of courses.

                                1. Knowing what I know now and having just met Nick Anderer I'm somewhat embarrassed by my initial post, but not regretting it considering all the info shared here. Most of my truffle eating has been in Italy and I never knew whites are so expensive

                                  Now it looks like Maialino's deal is one of the best in town

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                                    White truffles retail in Rome (Volpetti a few weeks ago) for something on the order of €3500 per kilo, which works out to about $136 an ounce, and that's in a store. Factor in shipping in climate-controlled conditions and the restaurant, and no price would surprise me. Also, Nick's a great guy and the last person I would expect to price gouge.