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Oct 10, 2013 07:19 PM

White Truffles at Maialino - $50 Supp

Is this for real? I was sort of waiting for Maialino to start offering them but $50?!? Any experiences last year? Curious how fresh they are?

Perhaps I should just stick to Truffle Oil

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    1. Maialino offered 5 course white truffle tasting menu last year for $250 if my memory serves me right and it was wonderful.
      Sadly, this year they don't have the tasting menu and go with a la carte.

      FYI, Daniel's supplement charges for white truffle this year are "Tasting $80/ Appetizer $140/ Main Course $220". I had white truffle for the main course last night and as a result, I am having instant noodles for the rest of this month (Just kidding lol).

      1. No opinion about Maialino, but I would pay extra *not* to be subject to truffle oil. Just IMO.

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        1. re: mwhitmore

          "truffle oil"

          Speaking of food euphemisms.

        2. Sadly I have only had white truffles once. Shaved over a bowl of pasta. At Felidia's many years ago. Simple, fresh, elegant perfection. Memorable.

          You could buy them (flown in from Italy):

          IMHO, truffle oil does not compare.

          1. Of course truffle oil doesnt compare, but oh so much more affordable. I had the cheap black summer truffles shaved over pasta in Italy recently which were pretty flavorless, aromaless and less enjoyable than some truffle oil dishes I've had here (namely the Pappardelle in Da Andrea).

            Seeing Daniel's prices makes this a bargain I suppose. Assuming the truffles are fresh.

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              I am going to Milano tomorrow and will eat white truffles every day for a week. In the hills of the Monferrato near Asti, they have communal white truffle blowouts with 25 dishes all with white truffles served at huge tables for 70 Euros including wine. You can smell them overwhelmingly from the parking lot. Lucky me.....

              1. re: swannee

                Worth the plane ticket...enjoy!