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Oct 10, 2013 07:09 PM

Mama Papa Lithuania Restaurant & Tea House in Alameda

Mama Papa Lithuania Restaurant & Tea House opened this month in Alameda. Has anyone tried it?

The flash intro on the website serves up this image with the caption "incredible pies" though none is listed on the menu. Maybe someone can check it out for dish of the month.

1241 Park Street
Alameda, CA 94501
510 522 4100
Monday - Sunday 11 am - 9 pm

"Alameda: Lithuanian restaurant opens on Park Street"

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  1. I didn't realize it had opened. I'll have to take my mother there for brunch this weekend. I think with this, Park Street may now be the most diverse restaurant street in the Bay Area. Where else is there a Cuban restaurant, a Burmese restaurant and a Lithuanian restaurant within five blocks of each other? Oh, and we're getting a brewpub.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      I'd love to hear about their bread, if they have any. I grew up on Lithuanian food and have never been able to find anything like the bread I loved as a kid it on the west coast.

      That said, I will try to get there asap, even though the menu fails to list the fried cookies with powdered sugar that I most associate with Lithuanian family events.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        And don't forget Wine and Waffles, a family wine bar, is opening soon! (Can't quite get my head around that one.)

        The friend I was visiting in the OC is scouting for a place to buy in the Bay Area now for his retirement in a few years. He asked me about walkable communities, good neighborhood restaurants, easy access to SF . . . and I suggested Alameda and San Mateo.

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            I want to hear about the honey cake here.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I had no idea what to expect with the honey cake, but it was very pretty, many layers, tasted kind of like graham cracker and maybe spice cake. Very tasty. Only potential problem is that it seemed to have Hershey's syrup as the top layer. But that's just the snob in me - it tasted good!

              1. re: hellion7

                Well, hi there, LTNS! Glad the honey cake brought you back, thanks.

                Did you notice any pie?

      2. Super excited, then... no sashlik. I love lithuanian sashlik. I know it's just a skewer of meat, but ...

        1. M. P. Lit. is a total redo of the korean market. decor is now wood and brick.

          menu is sparse. daily specials are planned. only a single grandma type works in the kitchen. food came out slow. (4 tables occupied in dining room)

          -creamy mushroom soup(5)
          tasted like campbell's (reference only) with fresh mushrooms and leeks
          -potato dumplings(11)
          2 potato sized dumplings, nice doughy shell, mixed filling of potato, meats. fab mushroom sauce

          drink: lager beer (5)
          20ish ounces, bold flavor, not watery, great value

          honey cake(6)
          -hear it's 7 layers, everyone but me orders it
          think it remembers a similar cake at 21th century cafe.

          -everything tasted fresh and home made.
          -nice musical background.
          -didn't notice any bread anywheres.

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          1. re: shanghaikid

            "2 potato sized dumplings, nice doughy shell, mixed filling of potato, meats. fab mushroom sauce"
            Lithuanian Cepelinai
            "The manna of my youth. Heaven (and a heart attack) on a plate. Yum."
            Quote from Lithuanian friend
            Inspired to make breads. So far,potato bread great. Christmas bread pretty good. Recipes from Barbara Rolek.

            1. re: wolfe

              think i'm missing something about (..heart attack) on a plate.
              looked and tasted healthy to me:
              -tad of mushroom sauce
              -thin dough shell
              -potato and minced meat filling
              is the original recipe different?

              ftw: nice reference
              -no breads seen here.

              1. re: shanghaikid

                Sorry kid here's the rest of the story. You got cepelinai (tiny zepplins) lite.
                "Meat cepelinai are served with a bacon-onion-sour cream sauce."
                1/2 pound bacon, diced
                1 large chopped onion
                1 cup sour cream
                Black pepper to taste
                Recipe says "Drench dumplings with gravy."

                1. re: wolfe

                  meat cepelinai are to die for. :)
                  i mostly avoid bacon, sour cream, gravy (except for mash potatos). onions ok

          2. They had a full house there tonight, Tuesday evening! We enjoyed our dinners. Need to order a separate veggie item - we ordered the dumplings and the potato cakes, no sides. And I had honey cake. And amber tea - tasted very much like warm water. But it was amber.
            Everything was good, but the poor son was the only one working the front, so he was on the move.
            I'm glad they had such a crowd.

            1. Tried it last night. We liked it! We got there for an early dinner on Saturday and got right in, but, by the time we left, there was a big line. I had the off menu chicken goulash. Jing has the crepes with sweet cheese. We shared the mushroom soup, and we had the cheesecake for dessert. Oh, and we shared the lagger, which was very good. I really enjoyed the goulash. The crepes were well done, but a little too sweet (an unsubstantial) for an entree. Someone above mentioned lack of bread. The soup came with a slice of Lithuanian bread. We asked about it, and it seems it was actually imported from Lithuania! We asked for some extra break, and we were charged $1 for two extra slices. The cheesecake was interesting enough - it had gelatin in it, but I'm not sure I'd order it again. The service was friendly and attentive. The menu is small, but they say they will be rotating items and expanding the menu.

              All in all, we enjoyed the meal a lot. This is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood and clearly a labor of love.