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Oct 10, 2013 07:04 PM

Scariest-looking dish! What's yours?

I've came across lots of rather scary-looking dishes during my frequent business travels, some of which were actually quite palateable once you get across to eating them.

But *this* particular dish from a Arabic restaurant in Kuala Lumpur really grossed me out - a whole braised goat's head which had me nearly jumping out of my skin! I didn't know how it tasted, since I couldn't bring myself to try it this time.

Anyone else would like to share what's the most scary-looking dish they'd ever seen?

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  1. I had this at a restaurant specializing in meat skewers in Tokyo.

    It's raw pigs brain served with a raw egg yolk, soy, mustard and a squeeze of lemon. A little scary but pretty darn tasty.

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    1. re: Tokyoite

      O - M - G - I've had pig's brain soup before, but cooked pig's brain is *nothing* compared to that raw brain on your plate!

      1. re: klyeoh

        Yeah, it took a bit of courage to try it, but that's the way it goes with all new foods right? :-) brain soup sounds kind of nice haha

        1. re: Tokyoite

          But high in cholesterol, so it's a rather sinful indulgence:

          1. re: klyeoh

            Part of the pig's brain, peeking out from the soup which also contained pig's intestines, liver, kidney, cubes of blood pudding and minced pork.

    2. At a holiday dinner, the Rabbi's wife set a whole lamb's head in front of him to eat. I could have lived without seeing that dish!

      1. for the high holy days I always do a sheep's head and a whole fish - the eyeballs always through my kids for a loop, and i have a friend that has to walk away from the table when the lamb's head comes out!

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        1. re: ahuva

          I stand corrected. It was a sheep's head. I didn't see it this year. Who eats it at your dinner?

          1. re: ahuva

            Apparently, the eyeballs and the brain were the choice bits!

          2. A Brazilian colleague couldn't get over this and took a photo - a whole roast chicken in a Chinese restaurant, served with its head as well.

            1. I was in Brazil for work several years ago, and the vendors we were meeting with took us to a traditional churrascaria for dinner - the kind where the servers come to each table with long skewers of different kinds of meat. I was inhaling several different cuts of beef when they brought over a skewer that looked like it was strung with meatballs. Nope, they were chicken hearts. I passed.

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              1. re: truman

                Oh yum, I love chicken hearts. Gorgeous on skewers on the barbecue. It's just muscle - think of it as a different type of muscle meat!

                1. re: Billy33

                  I had a few chicken hearts yakitori-style a few months ago. They taste like normal chicken with a bit more chew. I can't imagine anyone would find it offensive if they didn't know what it was.

                  1. re: Billy33

                    My rule is that I will eat skeletal muscle, but not cardiac or smooth.

                      1. re: sunshine842

                        just because I have to have a way to justify my preferences! :) (I am not that adventurous...)