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Oct 10, 2013 06:12 PM

Foodie hotspots Naples and Bonita

Any places worth going

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  1. Not much in Bonita except Roy's. Angelina's is way over-rated. In Naples selections are much better. Going in order from North Naples to South - Bay House, Cote D'Azur, USS Nemo, Grill Room at Ritz Carlton, Bleu Provence, Maraday's, and my personal (hands down favorite) Osteria Tulia. Campiello's, Sea Salt & Barbatella are way over-rated for the quality of food and service you get. Enjoy!

    1. I disagree with SBHjunkie. My mom spends her winters in Ft. Myers from St. Louis and I visit from Los Angeles. I enjoy eating in the area.

      My favorite by far for a nice dinner is Wyld's Cafe, on the south side of Bonita Springs Road, west of 41. You park and enter from the rear. Fairly dark and elegant inside. A wonderful starter of a shredded duck and mushroom napolean with a tasty cream sauce. Entrees range from low $20s to just past $30 but are substantial and have nice sides. If it is on the menu, I like the meatloaf. Good fish. An interesting shortrib with I think cranberry in the braise/sauce. Excellent service.

      A driveway further west is A Table Apart. A bit brighter, a bit louder, one dining room rather than divisions. Very good food, but equivalent or even higher prices. A bit louder and more casual than Wyld's. A great rack of lamb with about 8 bones -- some double and some single-sliced. A great grilled pork chop, thick and delicious. Another fave.

      There is a hole-in-the-wall place for fried grouper and other fried or simple fish, Grouper'n'Chips. There is a location in Naples, I'm almost sure on the east side of 41, but I think there may or used to be one in Bonita Springs? Get the namesake.

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        Nosh totally agree with your recs for Bonita Springs but Wyld's and Table Apart are not in my opinion in the same league as Bleu Provence, Maraday's and Tulia

      2. Inca's Kitchen is a must for any foodie. Grouper and Chips is long gone from Bonita Springs. Just ate at Tulia for the 1st time and it was wonderful. Bay House is still on top of their game. Angelina's unfortunately was sold by the original owner and has gone downhill.

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          Hey, RevrendAndy --

          Isn't there still a Grouper & Chips in Naples? In a stripmall east side of 41?

        2. Place of the moment: Mereday's

          Bleu Provence
          Osteria Tulia

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            Totally agree. Actually headed there for dinner tonight. I like the way the menu is set up.