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Oct 10, 2013 05:54 PM

Birthday dinner

Looking for fun and great dinner place to take son and friends for birthday dinner. 22 year olds Georgetown students! Thanks!

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  1. Not only do you give out scant info to go on, but you have never reported back on any of your other threads.

    Perhaps more details would be a good idea.

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    1. re: Steve

      I agree with Steve. It is hard to give you recommendations when we don't know anything about you, your son, or his friends. All guys? Football players (big appetites)? Any vegetarians? Preference as to price point? Do you want to stay in Georgetown or can you go elsewhere in the city (hint: not many good choices in G'town; lots of good choices elsewhere).

      1. re: Just Visiting

        Thank you! I am thinking about Oyamel or founding farmers. Looking for a nice place that a group of 21 years would like.

        1. re: loriann

          A few comments for whatever it is worth.

          Founding Farmers is fine, but I find it to be the TGI Fridays of downtown DC dining. It's a hit with tourists, but it isn't anything at all exciting to me.

          As to Oyamel, this is potentially a fair choice, though it focuses on tacos and small plates. It may not be the easiest or best for a group of 21 year olds. I find the food a bit spotty, but some seem to love it.

          As for other ideas, Hill Country (across the street from Oyamel) is quality food. It is something of a stand-in-line order-at-the-counter sort of spot, but that could work well for a bday party--giving everyone flexibility to get what they want. There is often music downstairs, and it can be a fun atmosphere. A friend of mine recently had a 30th bday party there, and it worked well. I think 21-22 year olds would enjoy it.

          If you want to take them to something new and hip, head to Baby Wale. And then out for drinks at the Passenger after.

          1. re: shawington

            Thanks! I never heard of those places, but I'll check them out! What Jaleo or Mintwood place?

            1. re: shawington

              Definitely need a place that takes reservations

              1. re: shawington

                I have had exactly the same experience at Oyamel - sometimes WOW and other times ...

                Founding Farmers is just as shawington said.

                Based on your other choices (Jaleo, Mintwood) it seems you are able/willing to leave Georgetown and these students are interested in quality (I think of 21-yr-old guys as being big eaters). Jaleo is all tapas. Mintwood is great; if you are driving, expect parking hassles.

                Can't you at least give us some hints?

                1. re: Just Visiting

                  Thanks! They are just regular guys, I don't know them personally though. Too many too tailor it specifically just looking for a generally good place.

                  1. re: loriann

                    But your son must know them, right? What type of food does he enjoy?

                    1. re: Hobbert

                      He loves Oyamel and founding farmers! Lol

                      1. re: loriann

                        So then .... why not go to one of those two? His birthday,his choice. Plus a bunch of kids getting a free meal - odds are they will be happy to inhale whatever is put in front of them. At that age, most people are just starting to learn about good food. I never ate anything but American "cheese" until I went to college. I never ordered anything off a menu if it wasn't something familiar to me. Admittedly, kids are exposed to far more choices now than they were when I was a kid, but still...

                        1. re: Just Visiting

                          True! Just seeing if anyone had any new ideas! Thanks!

        2. They might have a few suggestions of their own.

          1. If you go to Oyamel for dinner, order the chile en nogado. Second choice is the albondigas. Both great. The ceviche with passionfruit is excellent.

            Oyamel sometimes goes through periods of intense saltiness. If not, it's a great place. You'll probably know when they serve the chips. if the chips are too salty, see if you can get them to adjust the rest of the food.

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            1. You may want to try Thunder Burger given that it will be 22 year old boys. They take reservations, have a full bar and burgers made from exotic meats.

              If you are looking to go beyond Georgetown, MXDC is the new Todd English restaurant. Mexican themed food with a tequila bar next to the White House.

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              1. re: taleci

                Thank you! Those sound like great suggestions!

              2. How about the new El Centro Distrito Federal in Georgetown? Mexican, so your son is likely to enjoy it, plus I'm sure it will be a fun bar-like atmosphere. Apparently they have a major tequila bar emphasis.


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