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Oct 10, 2013 05:04 PM

2 week trip to Guatemala. Need food recommendations :)

Hi guys,

I've been reading some wonderful and informative posts about place to eat in Antigua and surrounding areas. Thank you for all of that great info!

We are going over the Holidays. We will be in Antigua for New Years and TIkal/El Remate for Christmas. We are sort of on a budget but are willing to splurge for a few meals for GREAT food. We would mostly like to stick to local cuisine since we are only there for a few weeks. But like I said, if we need to make an exception, we will :)

Hear is what I've gathered so far:
In Antigua:
Sobre Mesa- for icecream, snacks
El Tenedor del Cerro- drinks, snacks and a great view
Sabe Rico
Panza Verde for breakfast
Coffee- El Refugio, LA Parada and Fernandos
Coffee Beans from Tostaduria Antigua
Pastries/Bread from San Antonio Panaderia

Yaxha- lunch@ El Sombrero Lodge
El Remate- possibly go to Coppola's joint for some wine and pepian

Let us know if you have any other MUST eat spots. We also could use some tips for El Remate, Flores, Lanquin, and the Lake Atitlan area.

Thank you in advance for any tips you can give us!

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  1. The fun of Antigua is finding your own discoveries- there are a lot of good restaurants all around. The best food will be found in steak houses, which are plentiful. Casa Escobar is in Antigua and very good. A few doors up is a smaller, less expensive one called Madre Tierra that is very good too. Bistro Cinq (5) is also great- not guat food, but good.

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      Thanks Vivasis. Will have to check those out :) I agree with you on finding your own discoveries. Its good to know which places are tourist traps and we should skip though. Appreciate it!

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        Antigua is like Disneyland no matter where you go so hard to avoid it. The further west you go, near the market, the more "local" it gets. As you venture out to those other places you'll get a better taste of Guat! Have a fun trip.

    2. Ok, got another suggestion from a foodie-friend who has lived here longer than me: Epicure in Antigua. 3 Ave Norte 11B. I had 3 friends reco it!

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