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Oct 10, 2013 04:09 PM

Lazaranda in Addison?

Has anyone tried Lazaranda in Addison Walk? The few reviews I've been able to find make it sound (mostly) great! Open Table had a double points special for it a couple of weekends ago but we didn't make it there. I've had a run of really underwhelming Mexican food in recent months. I'm desperately seeking something new worth trying! Is this the place?

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  1. I went a while back and thought it was just okay, I would think of it like Meso Maya, not your typical Tex-Mex and it has some "authentic" dishes however those dishes are fancied up and not incredible. Definitely worth your time but I wouldn't drive across town for it or go in expecting a phenomenal experience.

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    1. I have had some really great dishes there. The ceviches are some of the best I've had around town. There's a blue crab tostada that I love. I really like the salads with grilled cactus. I'm less excited about their tacos, but everyone I work with likes them.

      The issues I have with Lazaranda is that it takes forever (expect 1-2 hr lunch; 3+ hour dinner), and one night whoever was in the bar wasn't a bartender and the drinks were awful.

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        Hi, webra1, Great info! I really want to try the ceviches! If we go, I'll plan for a long stay and make sure the bartender is legit! Have you tried the seafood entrees?

        1. re: jilkat25

          We've been pretty impressed with the daily seafood specials on the board over the kitchen.

      2. Their mole can also be one of the best in town. I can say that it has been a a little hit or miss lately. I will also say that you wan the premium ceviche. The others are okay, but just not as good.

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        1. re: irodguy

          Actually some dishes are better at Lazarada than Mesa some are better at Mesa. I believe the Lazaranda generally does a better job with fish. Mesa does a better overall job and is more comfortable. On the other hand if I am already all the way in Oak Cliffe I am probably going to Bolsa :-)

          1. re: irodguy

            not to shanghai this thread... but what do you like to eat at Bolsa? I've only been a couple of times and have always been underwhelmed. Not that it's bad... just so so. Those visits were a long time ago, so maybe things are different now - but every time I look at the menu I remain uninspired. In that area, I'd go to Lucia, to Driftwood or Boulevardier... even Eno's before I'd go to Bolsa.

            ok - except for the cocktails. Those are top-notch. And their bruschetta are good, as long as you like honey on everything.

            1. re: gavlist

              I haven't been to Bolsa in about 6 months but I'd have to agree with gavlist on this one. The only thing I like about Bolsa is enjoying a great smoked turkey panini at their sister restaurant, Bolsa Mercado.
              And, Bolsa's menu certainly cannot compare to the likes of Lucia, Driftwood, and Boulevardier.

              I have no comments to make on Lazaranda as I've not been there.

              1. re: gavlist

                What I think is really excellent at Bolsa is the bowls at brunch with braised meat. I've only been there a few times, but I like what they do.

                1. re: foiegras

                  Not to mention biscuits and gravy But that is best for another thread. My take on Mesa is it's okay. If it was closer to me, I would go regularly. It's just not on a regular rotation. It just does not strike me as outstanding enough to make that rotation.

                2. re: gavlist

                  We love the concept of Bolsa, first off. No freezer, no microwave, lots of local and organic sourcing. We went a couple of weeks ago before a movie at the Texas Theater and instead of ordering entrees shared three different appetizers and a carafe of sangria. We thought everything was really good and there was so much thought put into the preparation. The real standout was calamari that had been prepared sous vide, then served in a ceviche-type dish. It had absolutely the perfect texture. We had a decent charcuterie platter and really tasty chorizo croquettes with a very flavorful Romesco sauce. Also, the server was able to answer all our questions and explain the cooking techniques and ingredients, so that was a big plus.

            2. Since you've been underwhelmed ... have you tried Mesa? What dishes are you looking for specifically? Perhaps we can break your run of bad luck.

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                1. re: twinwillow

                  Mesa has phenomenal mole and you should go there for that... enmoladas specifically. But, in my opinion, no other item on their menu lives up to the hype they get on this board.

                  1. re: demigodh

                    What about their housemade tortillas?

                    1. re: foiegras

                      They're good, hence the enmoladas recommendation. But, I'd take the homemade tortillas at Cuquitas and Barbacoa Estilo Hidalgo ahead of Mesa.

                      I don't dislike Mesa, in fact I think it's quite good, just grossly overrated here. Then again, every time anyone suggests a dish it's always Mole so maybe we're all in agreement that the mole is phenomenal but the rest of the restaurant is good/not great.

                      1. re: demigodh

                        Umm well you can always go for the enfrioladas (black bean) doused tortillas which is my preferred option. I feel that the mole can get overwhemingly rich. It is good but you really won't be able to really enjoy what it covers.

                        When I am on a seafood kick I really like the arroz a la tumbada (Seafood Tossed Rice) or the huchinango a la Veracruzana (Red Snapper Veracruz style). I also really like the seafood cocktail since Raul makes his own cocktail sauce.

                        I had a very good version of chiles en nogada once, it has been a very long time though sicne I have had that particular dish. I would actually chat up the chef/owner Raul or Jaretzy and ask for specific Veracruz style dishes if there is something in particular you want.

                        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                          That's interesting because I've been trying to find Chile en Nogada ever since I learned about it from a friend who visited Puebla. I've seen it on the Specials board oustside Vera Cruz cafe but it's always right after I ate at Boulevardier. I'll definitely go back to Mesa for it and will make sure I call ahead to confirm it's available.

                          1. re: demigodh

                            It is usually in season around this time early October to January when pommegranates are ripe

                    2. re: demigodh

                      I think the costillas en adobo are really good. The tortilla chips, are fantastic - thick enough to retain a hint of chewiness even though they're 98% crunchy (great with the ceviche, which is decent enough). And the duck leg mole is great.

                      But all in all, I agree with you - they're good, and notable for being regional/authentic (which is rare in Dallas), but probably fall short of the hype.

                      1. re: gavlist

                        I love Mesa's duck mole'. I only wish they served a larger portion than they do.

                        1. re: twinwillow

                          Rest of the menu? What rest of the menu?

                          This dish isn't on their brunch menu, so I have had other things, and found them inventive and tasty. I recall I also tasted their ceviche, and it was excellent. Drinks are good too, and the people are nice ... I enjoy the family-owned, hand-built atmosphere.

                          Some restaurants I keep going back for the same thing. The dish really is that great, so why not?

                          1. re: foiegras

                            Are you replying to me? I think you meant to reply to someone else, possibly.

                  2. re: foiegras

                    OP, here. Thanks everyone!
                    foiegras, I haven't been to Mesa, but I've heard it's very good! I rarely get south of LBJ anymore--my husband simply won't go when Dos Charros is just around the corner.:( I have a hard time getting him to drive to Addison!
                    One of our kids recently moved to Fort Worth so at least I have an excuse for looking for new places out there. What's that place with the Mayan-sounding name my old brain can never remember? I've heard good things about it, but I'm not even sure I know FW well enough to find it yet.
                    We ate at Lanny's Alta Cocina recently and it was amazing, but it's in a whole other realm. And I had a great meal at Gloria's (Salvadoran, and a chain) not long ago but it doesn't count either, I guess.
                    I like Desperados and Casa Milagro but even the last couple of times we've been there have been "meh." And, to be fair, Dos Charros isn't bad, and sometimes it's actually very good, I suppose. Mario and Alberto used to be a favorite but they moved due to the endless construction by there, and they changed their name, so I don't know where they are now, even though I heard it is somewhere on Coit.

                    We went to Mi Cocina on Campbell not long ago. There must have been 300 people there and half of them were under 10 and the food tasted like it was cooked for them. Tried a couple of other places, nothing good.

                    Honestly, the best two Mexican (restaurant) meals I've had in the last year were both at Pappasitos, and I feel like a traitor eating at a high-priced corporate chain and actually liking it. I'm a native Dallasite, so I've been eating salsa, jalapenos, and chili since I was a baby (and I'm 58.) Most of the time now I just end up cooking any time we want Tex-Mex so at least I can stoke up the chili, onions, and lime, And I can make decent rice and serviceable grilled fajitas. We used to eat at Ojeda's or somewhere similar every Wenesday, but I just can't justify going out for Tex-Mex any more.
                    What I'd love are some good old-fashioned cheese enchiladas filled with onions and sharp cheese, with potent chili gravy. I'd also love a good dark mole with great depth and dimension, but I'll pass on the chicken stewed beyond oblivion.
                    (And, by the way, tell me I'm not the only Texan who finds the idea of "pulled pork" -that shredded, stringy, matted, overcooked stuff that some people call "barbecue"- disgusting and unworthy of its caloric value?)

                    Bottom line, I'm not asking for much, just a plausible $15-$20 "Grande platter" with some crisp, hot chips, decent "just right" salsa, and fresh guacamole with actual flavor. Pico de gallo with onions that taste like onions (not those "sweet" onions that taste like nothing) and field-grown (not hot-house) tomatoes would be nice. I want to watch somebody make the tortillas (heck, you can do that at Central Market...such a small request!). Maybe some refired beans that don't taste like wall-paper paste? I don't mean I want it fiery hot. I mean it needs some depth, layers of flavor, some umami. Might as well cook it myself if they can't.
                    On the upper end, I love seafood, so I want to try La Lazaranda for the ceviches and shrimp/fish. Some people have said Amigos on Beltline is okay for Tex-Mex, I but haven't been there yet. And, "Frankie's": "where the chefs eat after they get off work."
                    None of the Thai, Indian, or Chinese food we eat all the time is flavorless, just the Mexican food. Sad to say, over the last 10 or 15 years, Dallas Mexican food has been tasting more and more like it's made for tourists and toddlers.
                    I guess I need to go to Mesa.

                    1. re: jilkat25

                      If you can get hubby to get out of his "zone", I would also recommend you try Gonzalez Restaurant on Jefferson not far from Mesa. Excellent Mexican food that hasn't been gringoized. You'll notice far more Hispanics than gringo's there. And, If you should go there, be sure to ask for their sensational "Salsa Fresca" with your chips or their great home made flour tortillas. But remember, you have to request it or they'll bring you a salsa more like Pace.

                      1. re: twinwillow

                        Thanks, twinwillow! I will see if he'll go down there. Has Gonzalez been around a long timw? Sounds familiar. I used to spend time in that area but it's been a while. I do know where it is, though!

                        1. re: jilkat25

                          I've been going there for about 4 years. It's next to the old telephone building on W. Jefferson.

                          Enlarge and pan to the right on the picture in the small window on the left side of the page.

                          I recommend the Guisado Puerco on the far right of the menu under "specialties".

                      2. re: jilkat25

                        You don't see them make the tortillas at Mesa, but to me they're in a class of their own. You can watch them make tortillas at the Mexican Inn in FW. I don't know of anyplace that makes cheese enchiladas with sharp cheese, that sounds like something you dreamed up ;) but Dos Gringos in FW makes a good guilty pleasure processed cheese enchilada with onions.

                        At the Mexican Inn, I do not get the cheese enchiladas or any enchiladas, but I like the arroz con pollo, the queso loco (guilty pleasure and no doubt 600 million fat grams), guacamole, and the taco salad half beef/half beans (off menu), best with a good bit of the salsa poured over it. The real point though is their outstanding housemade tortillas and Frito-like chips, and fresh salsa. Suggest going to one of the original locations--8th Ave, Camp Bowie, Henderson I believe--there's one more. Lancaster? If you go and they bring you anything less than fresh, hot tortillas, just ask for more that are hot. (This didn't happen back in the day ...)

                        I don't know of a perfect Tex-Mex restaurant ... but at least they don't charge you an arm and a leg for food that's not perfect.

                        I agree with you that Pappasito's is not bad. I really like their chicken enchiladas. And while the government took a dim view of their moving undocumented workers among their kitchens like chess pieces, I took it as a sign of dedication to their food.

                        Oh, Luna de Noche. They make a tortilla soup with chicken, cheese, avocado and hot broth poured over everything at the table that I quite like. There's one at Northpark (multitasking). Surely you can find a reason to go there ...

                        1. re: foiegras

                          Thank you, foiegras, that's good information! We didn't go to Pappas places for a long time because we thought they exploited their workers!
                          Didn't there used to be a Dos Gringos in Dallas--maybe there are still some around?
                          I've had a lot of practice (almost 50 years) making Mexican food. I can make all those things myself. But then I have to clean up the kitchen and put the leftovers away.
                          We used to eat at Luna de Noche when there was one on Jupiter by Renner. Always looking for a reason to go to Northpark, though! :)
                          I'm going to FW later this week for a couple of days. I'll see what I can find. I would go back to Lanny's, for real! Loved it, but it's actually closer to what I go out to eat for. My Tex-Mex jones is a total outlier compared to what I usually want to eat out for.
                          One of the worst meals I had was at a birthday party we went to at Joe T. Garcia's (I had no choice in what I "ordered", but at Joe T.'s, do you ever?.) This is the meal which may actually have sparked my quest in the first place. (Their guacamole was good, I admit!) It made me hesitant to try Esperanza's after my kid ended up moving to Fort Worth.
                          La Familia, which was ranked really high when I started paying attention to Fort Worth, has closed, by the way. I had planned to go there, but it is, alas, no more.
                          Paco and John's is pretty highly rated.
                          I've been looking for that one restuarant with the Mayan name. Maybe it closed.
                          Like I said before, I'm new to the Fort Worth scene since my kid just moved there in June. I've only spent a few days there over several months so far.
                          I'll try to get to Mesa soon! I guess I need to start treating Dallas like any other "destination!" I'm going to NYC in 2 weeks (food odyssey!)

                          1. re: jilkat25

                            Dallas is definitely a destination for me :)

                            You may be right about Pappas ... I hadn't heard that.

                            La Familia has now moved to the West 7th corridor. Lunch I had recently there was pretty bad though. Totally agree with you about Joe T's. Paco & John's, I have family who love it ... it doesn't seem to be traditional Tex-Mex. It wasn't my thing, but might be yours. Sorry, a Mayan name doesn't ring a bell ...

                            Dos Gringos, I only know the location on University across from the Modern. Also nearby is Salsa Limon, formerly a food truck only. Pretty good.

                            1. re: foiegras

                              Los Molcajetes--which is Aztec, not Mayan, but, eiither way I'll forget the name by tomorrow even if I go
                              I can see La Familia's back door from my kid's porch. It was definitely closed last time I was out there! I'll check tomorrow and see if it looks like they just closed for remodeling or something.

                                1. re: foiegras

                                  Sounds like those owners are in deep doo-doo.

                                  1. re: twinwillow

                                    Didn't sound too good, did it?

                                    In the old location, they had a weathered wood sign, wrapped in barbed wire, with a toy gun mounted on it ... I don't remember the exact words, but it was something like, Go ahead, try something.

                                    Last time I was there it was for a good-bye lunch, choice of the person leaving, it had been years. Time before that, I'd ordered something new, and no one ever asked how it was (bad). When someone finally showed up with a check and asked how the food was, I said I didn't like it, and the response was along the lines of, Too bad. No offer to do anything about it, apology for not checking sooner, etc. So I've never been back voluntarily ...

                                    So this article doesn't really stretch my credulity.

                                    1. re: foiegras

                                      I stayed in Fort Worth a couple of weeks after my last post. I never made it around to the front of the building, but there was definitely activity in back which I could see from my kid's balcony. My impression was that La Familia had reopened or was about to. That article about the lawsuit was disturbing, foiegras. Not sure if I want to try the place if it has reopened. Abuse of workers (albeit, alleged) really upsets me.