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Oct 10, 2013 03:58 PM

Cauliflower Is it bad?

Have a cauliflower which has started to get brown/black spots on the outside. What is this? What causes this? And most important--can it still be eaten?

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  1. If it's not too bad you can just trim it off.

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      1. You can eat it with out any ill effect, but don't expect much in the way of taste and texture.

          1. It's just started to go mouldy.

            Cut off the brown bits and eat the rest as you'd planned

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            1. re: Harters

              I suspect these spots have more in common with brown and wilted edges of cut lettuce, than mold. There are various enzymatic reactions when plant cells are damaged, generating new compounds. Some even claim that those compounds are nutritious. That white cauliflower is rather low in phytonutrients because it has been protected from the sun - and bred to be pretty, not nutritious.