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Oct 10, 2013 01:25 PM

Habiby's Middle Eastern ~ Parlin

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  1. We bought the Living Social Deal and tried to go last night, but it turns out there was a large private party taking up the entire place. I'd say there was probably about 30 seats in the place by quick estimate, its not too big but it seemed pretty clean from the two minutes I was in there. They had live music too. The girl behind the counter offered take-out, or being that we were only two, to squeeze us in somewhere, but my wife was basically already out the door.

    Bummer last night, but I will try again, the food on their Facebook looks really good.

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      Thanks for the update! Funny, we were going to go there last night. Instead we went to Naturale Cucina in Englishtown. So glad we did!! I am about to post about it! Yum!

    2. My coworker wanted to go here specifically for the falafel (she's vegetarian, and it was her birthday, so she got to pick where we went). We also ordered one of each shawarma (lamb, beef and chicken), a classic gyro and a piece of chocolate cake. I know the yelp reviews are mixed, but we thought everything was great. The staff was super friendly. The place was clean. The food was freshly made and nicely seasoned. All of that plus three sodas, and it cost about $42...but we used a Groupon so it was half of that. My 9 year old was with us, and her review was, "This is way better than Subway." We're definitely planning on going back.

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        I agree! I never posted on how great the food was when we went. The owner is super kind and just a wonderful host! We really enjoyed all her home cooking. Hate the strip mall its in (so packed) but really like the food!!