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Oct 10, 2013 12:30 PM

Engeline's Filipino

They have a sign in the door looking for a Filipino chef. Does that mean it's not a good time to go?

Also their sissig is listed on the menu as "pork belly with lemon and hot pepper". I thought sissig was pigs ears and snout?

Is this place still good?

Ihawan was an option but they told me we can't BYOB and they don't serve any. :(

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  1. Go to papas. Chef miguel is a visionary

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      1. re: AubWah

        Looks good for the future but we got like 10 people..

      2. Tito Rad's should be the answer here, as it is for most inquiries regarding Filipino food.

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        1. re: sappidus

          Any place have enough space for large parties and also prepare whole pigs?

          1. re: villainx

            Engeline's does. I saw the whole pig on the menu and I think it was $250. Not sure about the large parties.

            And we went and the food and service were both excellent. Nice and accomodating staff.

            I would stay away from the goat. A little tough. Other than that it was all great.

          2. re: sappidus

            i agree that tito rad's is the best Filipino restaurant in these parts, hands down. Except that Ihawan has the best BBQ.
            I had a whole bangus stuffed and grilled at TR the other day, it was fantastic. It was a special.
            Tito Rad's Xmas time does the most whole pigs. Manny's does whole pigs and has enough room for a large party.