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Oct 10, 2013 11:21 AM

ISO suggestions in Chelsea for NYC Marathon weekend

We're renting an apartment in Chelsea (W 16th St at 7th Ave) for the first weekend in November so that my husband can run the marathon. Our 3yo will be with us, which means dinner is at 6-6:30pm. I'm not sure yet how much we will be exploring the rest of Manhattan, but we'd like some suggestions for:

1. Dinner Friday night within a few blocks walk (if this is realistic)
2. Where to get take-out from for Saturday night (preferably Italian)
3. A "celebratory" dinner on Sunday - subway-accessible is okay
4. Any other must-visit food places nearby

We do not eat a lot of seafood, and DH is not very adventurous with ethnic eating (Chinese is okay, but Thai and Indian are not). The 3yo is completely unpredictable - crabcakes one day, Kraft mac n cheese the next... so kid-tolerant restaurants would be appreciated, especially for Sunday.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You're not too far from Legend (stick to the Sichuan dishes), Westville, Grey Dog, Chelsea Market (good for takeout, snacks, ingredients).

    Don't forget that NYC excels in delivery. So if you're too tired Friday and Saturday night, you could get food delivered to your apartment.

    1. For your pre-race meal, get the spaghetti and meatballs from Le Zie, on 7th Ave. at 20th St. You can go for an early dinner or have them deliver.

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      1. Yum, thanks for these suggestions - they all look like winners and I wish we didn't have to wait a few weeks to try them out!

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          What to order at Legend (look for Bob Martinez's posts):

          What's good at Chelsea Market

        2. Reporting back: we had a great brunch at the Grey Dog, and a good dinner at Le Zie (loved the salads and pasta, but we didn't care for the award-winning meatballs). We also picked up some sandwiches/sides from the West Side Market for a late dinner Friday. Unfortunately we didn't make it to Chelsea Market on this trip.

          Further afield, we took the suggestion from other posts on this board for dinner at Rubirosa (in Little Italy?) - it was fantastic. We also enjoyed breakfast at the Circle West Diner after visiting the Central Park playground.

          Thanks again!