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Oct 10, 2013 11:02 AM

caramel apples for 32, recipe&help requested

morning-husband had a Dr. apt yesterday. while the nurse was waiting for him to come she brought up her dad being a master chef. why? I have no idea. probably just passing time while we sat. she brought up that he's out of the country right now. she has to make 32 caramel apples for her daughters •something or other• and we started talking. she's tried making batches twice just doing 2 apples, neither time have they worked. says the caramel doesn't stick.

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  1. 32 caramel apples is a lot, keep it easy and use Kraft caramels. When I was a kid we made these all the time and had no problem with the caramel sticking to the apples. They tasted pretty terrific, in my recollection.

    But perhaps back in the day the apples weren't waxed like they are now. Maybe she just needs to scrub them to somehow remove the wax. I always spray my apples with a solution of 1 part vinegar, 3 parts water when I bring them home to minimize fruit flies, and I just checked to see how waxy they feel. Despite the vinegar/water soak, they still feel pretty waxy. Perhaps organic apples are the way to go.

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      thanks Jannie

      that was my thought too and I mentioned that to her that whatever she did, she needed to make sure as much wax was removed however she went about it, before dipping them into the hot molten caramel lava.
      appreciate you chiming in.

    2. The rolled caramel rounds cost more than melting individual caramel candies, or making caramel yourself, but it's certainly easier to just wrap your washed apples in the caramel sheet and heat on a parchment or other non-stick sheet.

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      1. re: greygarious

        thanks Greyg......
        since I don't know this lady, not sure how she's gonna attempt any of this. I just told her I'd try to get some info. I had plans of getting the caramels myself yesterday from either one of the few stores I know that sell in bulk and do it myself just making a couple. hubby home sick cut my errands short. I may try again today.

      2. I find caramel apples a pain in the butt, both to make and to eat. If I were your friend, I'd do something like this instead:

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          oh wow, now that looks like a smashing idea. love those.
          she did say that she had to have each treat individually wrapped so imagine making 32 of the caramel apples and then having to wrap them too.

          years ago, many years ago, I have a faint memory of making them myself. it was a mess and a hassle and not sure the effort was worth the end result.

          1. re: biondanonima

            I would never remove that much of the apple. Not only is it wasting the healthy part but the caramel-to-apple ratio doesn't have enough apple for the best flavor combo. Okay idea for prompt consumption as snack or dessert (before the apple gets brown and soft) but personally, I'm horrified at the suggestion of serving these for BREAKFAST.

            1. re: greygarious

              if you have caramel on anything, it's no longer healthy, lol.

          2. I always tell people who are making caramel apples to make a few caramel onions, just for fun.

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            1. re: John E.

              My 11 year old just suggested this. I told him he had a twisted mind. And I knew where it came from.

              1. re: hambone

                Is your son a Chowhound and is lurking here on your account? I have not told my children of my posting here, although of course my wife knows. I made caramel apples and a caramel onion a few years ago for a grouse hunting weekend at our hunting property in northern Minnesota. I specifically arranged for one of my cousins to get the caramel onion because I knew he could handle it. If either of my brothers got the onion, they would have been wusses about it. Our cousin thouht it was funnier than hell and asked me to make more so he could have some fun.

            2. Trade secret:

              The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory uses fine grade sandpaper on the apples before dipping. I've done it, it works!

              Yes – use sandpaper to rough up the apple.

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                1. re: HillJ

                  I can always count on you to add a helpful hint. I honestly thought of that but didn't do it myself, instead I boiled water&white vinegar in a deep Cuisinart saucepan, let it cool&put all 4 apples in there for 30 seconds. took each one out dried it completely then let sit on counter until certain it was cool&dry.

                  I bought 4 apples yesterday:
                  Braeburn Honeycrisp Fuji JonaGold&caramels from the bulk section@North Pak. watched the Kraft YouTube video then unwrapped the Mel's. (nice thing about the video, many of you probably know this but I didn't, she shows you an easy way of taking the Mel's out of their pesky wrappers).
                  wanted to see if different apples made a difference/held up better/texture/had no sliding of caramel. kosher salt on buttered waxed paper, forks stuck in to apples because the pkg of Popsicle sticks didn't show they were short. oh well.
                  melted with the Mel's w-the H2o. no problems at all. quite easy I'd say.
                  I'll nibble a slice or 2 off of each so the favorite one appears. then slice&place on platter & take to the kids' ball game.
                  here's how they turned out

                  1. re: iL Divo

                    Good for you iLD and I've missed seeing you!

                    1. re: HillJ

                      ah you're so kind-
                      seriously these things are stupid good

                      our son&his lady are coming over to get the rest for the kids before my husband and I lose control-all this AND my Longhorns won! YEAH for coach Mack & Mr. McCoy

                        1. re: HillJ

                          I'm perfect thank you HillJ :)