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Oct 10, 2013 11:01 AM

TK Restobar

5940 Victoria Ave, near de la Peltrie.

This place is pretty bare with blond wood all over the place.They have a printed menu for main dishes and drinks and 3 chalkboard menus: one for Pinoy dishes, one for dishes of the day and one for desserts. The place could accomodate 30 people, there were 3 dining parties last night.

Pork buns - less flavorful than Momfuku but comparable to Satay bros and comes with peanuts (2 for 5$)
Salmon bowl - I guess it's an homage to the signature dish at Kazu. Cubes of raw salmon, tahini, pineapple bits, and possible something else on rice, lettuce and fried rice noodles (14$)
Ramen burger - the meat was dry or overcooked, the ramen patties were premade so most of it was "caked", decent fries (14$)
Bucket of fried chicken for two - the 2nd best fried chicken in town after Poulet Bronze. It comes with a sweet and spicy sauce that has fish sauce. We also had a duck gravy because someone had an allergy. This is the gravy that comes with the duck poutine. (25$ for the bucket)
Pancit <forgot the rest> - a noodle dish, was acceptable according to a Flilpino friend. (10$)

We will come back to try the other daily specials.

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  1. That Pinoy fried chicken sounds lovely! That looks as if it is close to Plamondon métro? On Google street view I see another Filipino restaurant, Sariling Atin, but those can be out of date.

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      yeah, it's close to plamondon metro. well, it's halfway between plamondon and cote ste-cath metro

      1. We just want to let you know that at TKrestobar, freshness is our priority. We do not premake our ramen patties, they are pan fried per order. Please make sure to get correct information before posting. Thank you

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          I could be mistaken, but I think Marblebag was claiming that the ramen had been pre-boiled and pre-formed into patties. I don't think he was claiming that they were pre-fried. Perhaps I'm wrong, but this would be the likely cause of caking if I understand his meaning correctly.

          So just to clarify for everyone, is the ramen boiled and formed into patties each time an order is placed? I don't really care either way, but it would be an impressive feat if the ramen "buns" were made from scratch every time... akin to a normal burger place baking their buns for each order.

          Otherwise I think this is a pretty positive review - I'd certainly consider going purely to try the chicken and pork buns.