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Oct 10, 2013 10:16 AM

Quick meal before Columbia Room

Hey all,

I will be in DC soon for one night and was looking for some guidance. I will be meeting up with a few people at the Columbia Room at 9:00pm on a Tuesday night. I was looking for a good but relatively quick meal within walking distance before I head over.

One place that caught my eye was Daikaya for a bowl of Ramen. Is it typically possible to find a seat at the Ramen shop then afterwards the Izakaya if I wanted to try both?

Any other recommendations are welcome.


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  1. I've had no problems getting a seat at Daikaya ramen as a solo diner and since its a Tuesday you should also be able to get a seat quite easily at the izakaya.

    I recently had a good HH experience at Del Campo. The bar was running food and drink specials all night. The corn fritters were good, blood sausage was ok (thought the texture was sludgy?), and the empanadas were good as well.

    If you're running late or short on time, I wouldn't overlook the food at the Passenger. Good bar food.

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    1. re: shake N baik

      Thank you very much, Del Campo's menu looks right up my alley and I am actually leaning in that direction now.

      I am in DC about once a month and eat at the Passenger more often than I would like to admit, definitely very good bar food.

      1. re: Matt H

        Del Campo is a great option. But two other, close possibilities: Baby Wale, or the bar menu at Corduroy. Corduroy bar menu is 3 cocurses at $30 -- but give yourself an hour to hour and a half.

    2. THe Izakaya upstairs takes reservations if you maybe want to do it in the reverse (so you definitely have something before Columbia Room). I haven't had the ramen yet (but hear wonderful things) but LOVED the izakaya upstairs.

      Another option (where you can sometimes walk in and also takes reservations) is Graffiato, which would be a great choice as well.