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Left-over Corn Bread?

After back to back lunch company, each of which involved a different corn bread, I have some remnants. Getting stale, but they're still too good to throw away!
I know I could easily turn them into a stuffing for a turkey or a chicken, but we're only two, too few for a whole chicken let alone a turkey, and there's not so much corn bread, and --- well-- that somehow doesn't light my fire anyway.
Creative ideas about side dishes or anything else to use up the cornbread?

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    1. re: sal_acid

      Agreed; I love cornbread croutons on salads and to garnish soups but I bake mine until they are nice and golden.

    2. I brought a giant pan of it to a campout last weekend, and then the Santa Ana winds blew up as we were eating and I wound up bringing almost all of it home. It was too large a pan to cut the stale CB into wedges - mine is a no-flour recipe, and gets brittle - so I cut it crosswise into approximately 1" strips, then cut those into bars about 6" long. These got toasted and buttered to go with our blackeyes and slaw on Monday night, then to share with our regular Wednesday night dinner guest along with a pot of chili last night. Smaller pans I just bag up and the cut and split wedges to toast - stale cornbread done like this is something I think I prefer to fresh!

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      1. re: Will Owen

        Thanks to both. I ended up doing a stuffing kind of thing which I'll bake in a dish and serve with meat loaf with gravy. It smells good already, and I love corn in any form so I have high hopes.
        Croutons sound versatile, and Will, you make me hungry just to read about your dinner. The Hub adores chili.

        1. re: BerkshireTsarina

          The combo went over so well that I'll have to make more cornbread tonight to go with the leftover chili! I just looked and there's one and a half of those toasted bars left in the bag …

      2. A Shaker restaurant in NH made savory bread pudding with leftover cornbread, a wonderful side dish or brunch main.
        They sweated onions, shallots, and/or scallions, then mixed them, along with the cubed cornbread, into an egg and light cream custard, baking in a rectangular pan. I was able to reproduce it at home without a recipe, just using standard bread pudding ingredient amounts.

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        1. re: greygarious

          I was just going to suggest bread pudding!

        2. Kind of like Will Owen said, I like to toast it up and pour a nice spicy chili over it, kind of like an upside down pot pie....

          1. Cut into serving sized pieces,

            Slice each in half crosswise.

            Fry in bacon fat or butter until cut surface is crisp.

            Serve with maple syrup and more butter.

            1. Cut into small pieces and pour buttermilk over it for breakfast. You can add a dollop of strawberry jam

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              1. re: magiesmom

                glass of buttermilk w/ crumbled, stale cornbread was my b'fast of choice growing up. Sounds good for this weekend, in fact...

                1. re: pine time

                  do you mind my asking where you grew up?

                  1. re: magiesmom

                    Kentucky--aka, the Land of Biscuits and Gravy (and cornbread in buttermilk).

                    1. re: pine time

                      I figured as much. I had a dorm mate from Kentucky in college who taught me about this.

                  2. re: pine time

                    My mom's family ate the cornbread and milk or buttermilk thing for dessert.

                2. Make a corn bread hash, fry up cornbread cubes and polska kielbasa. Top with Maple syrup.

                  1. Put it in Glass or Bowl cover with Pot Liquor and eat with a Spoon,.

                    1. Cornbread salad:

                      I love leftover cornbread toasted and topped with butter and honey for breakfast.

                      Cornbread freezes well enough to serve later on crumbled over soup or chili.

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                      1. re: Tara57

                        I looked the salad up on the blog and OMG! it sounds wonderful. My own casserole-y thing was okay but not great. Some other good ideas here, love the sound of this salad, and love that cornbread will freeze for later crumbling.
                        Thanks y'all!

                        1. I've used it in bread salad in place of regular stale bread ... works great!

                          1. I'd freeze it and save it for another occasion.

                            1. I like splitting the piece, buttering it and toasting it in the toaster oven. Top with jam or hone. Almost as good as when it is fresh.

                              If the stuff is really stale, then crumble it and make a small portion of stuffing. Or crumble it in a tall glass of buttermilk and have for a snack.

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                              1. re: sueatmo

                                Buttered and toasted for me, too. Maybe even a garlic toast version.

                              2. Grind it up and use it as breading for chicken/fish/...

                                Bread pudding. You could either do a sweet one if the corn bread is relatively sweet or a savory one if not.

                                Brown sugar and milk/cream on top for breakfast.

                                1. I made a breakfast casserole with dry jalapeno cornbread not long ago. Cubed the cornbread, fried up some bulk sausage and crumbled that over the top, added a good layer of shredded cheddar, and poured beaten eggs mixed with milk over all that. Let it sit awhile to soak in, and baked it.

                                  1. When I was a kid, my mom always would use leftover cornbread for a sort of cereal. She'd crumble it up and toast it in the oven 'till it was browned a bit. Then we'd just pour milk on it and munch- very good. I've never tried to do it for fear of ruining my childhood memories.

                                    1. Slice and make ...

                                      ... Pizza

                                      ... or ice cream sandwich

                                      1. i love burger bundles: essentially burgers stuffed with cornbread-herb stuffing, and baked covered with mushroom gravy. http://www.cooks.com/recipe/bq5ec4v9/...

                                        1. Crumble it up with some cheese as topping for a chili casserole?

                                          Haven't actually done this; leftover cornbread is unusual here. But now I'm planning a batch of cornbread in the bigger skillet just to see how it goes. (Temperatures about to turn chili-friendly.)

                                          OTOH, baking it as croutons and just garnishing the chili/casserole with those and some cheese sounds more of a sure thing.

                                          1. A new restaurant here is serving a cornbread pain perdu dessert right now. Basically fancy french toast. I wouldn't have thought it would work with cornbread but it does, brilliantly.

                                            Were I making it myself I'd probably sneak some buttermilk into the batter.

                                            1. Place a chunk of leftover cornbread in a bowl and pour melted ice cream (10 oz milk, one raw egg, vanilla extract, sugar) over it. This was our before bed snack in olden times when we were children. Its also good over leftover white rice.

                                              1. Make a pot of braised greens and crumble over top or use it to sop up the braising liquid ("pot liquor"). I love cornbread with this recipe for collard greens:

                                                1. Corn Bread Salad
                                                  Diann Wilson from North/Copeland family reunion

                                                  Ingredients for Salad
                                                  1 Jiffy Corn Bread mix, prepared as directed
                                                  2 c.
                                                  1 c.
                                                  1 c. Chopped Tomatoes
                                                  Chopped Red or Sweet Onion
                                                  Chopped Bell Pepper, I prefer red, orange & yellow

                                                  Prepare Jiffy cornbread as directed on pkg and cool.
                                                  Once cooled, CRUMBLE.
                                                  In a clear bowl – LAYER with some cornbread, then tomatoes, onions & peppers.
                                                  Repeat the process: Cornbread, tomatoes, onions & peppers.
                                                  Refrigerate over night Make the dressing and chill as well.

                                                  Ingredients for Salad Dressing
                                                  1 c. Mayo
                                                  1 c.
                                                  1/2 c.
                                                  1 sm.
                                                  1 T. Sweet Pickle Relish
                                                  Dill Pickle Juice
                                                  Jar chopped Pimentos
                                                  Fresh chopped parsley
                                                  Salt & Pepper, to taste

                                                  Blend together mayo, sweet pickle relish, dill pickle juice, chopped pimentos & sugar.
                                                  I like to chill it before I pour over the salad.

                                                  This salad is best made a day ahead, much like the 7 layer salad. I usually wait to the day of to pour the salad dressing over the salad. You can reserve tomatoes, onion & peppers to garnish the top of the salad as well as parsley.

                                                  This is a nice holiday salad using red & green peppers