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Oct 10, 2013 09:38 AM

avoid jack-ass-ters in mississauga ontario, corner winston churchill and 401...

me and our model flying club met at this bar-restaurant on wed nite, oct 9, 2013.
i ordered a steak meal, 2 others ordered chicken wings, 1 ordered a chicken quesadia (my apologies for the bad spellling), and lastly, 1 person ordered a burger and fries.

- service is good and attentive

- the chicken wings are tasteless
- the burger looked worse than what is found in micky-dees or burger fling, and the fries are stone cold
- my steak was cooked to exactly what i wanted but the fries are stone cold
- the quesadia was okay, but portion size for an appetizer is too small

do not go to this restaurant. you will be disappointed and out a few bucks.


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  1. You were expecting something different?

        1. I avoid any restaurant in Mississauga! Have you ever found a good place there?

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          1. re: foodyDudey

            That's kinda cruel! There are a few local gems... you have to go searching for them but they're there!

            In general, mass marketed chains like Jack Astors and Kelseys are purposely benign (aka bland and boring or worst... cheap, bland, and boring) to be accessible to everyone. If you have great service along side your meal at one of these places, consider yourself lucky.

            1. re: Nevy

              I would eat at Rogues in Mississauga anytime!

              1. re: Nevy

                I'm not sure if it's cruel, maybe just ignorant.

              2. re: foodyDudey

                Right on foodDudey! Imagine a 'burb of 700,000+ that's bereft of good restos! Somehow it happened, I guess.

                1. re: Kagemusha

                  I suppose they are out there somewhere but I had a hard time finding them and so did my wife when she worked out there.

                  But maybe some of you Mississauga residents can compile a list of the 15 top places in Mississauga, for those of use who aren't lucky enough to live there.

                  1. re: foodyDudey

                    Union Social Eatery is a good spot in Mississauga, me and the Mrs. enjoy it, although it's been taken over by obnoxious idiots from all the office buildings nearby, hooting and hollering at the top of their lungs.. We stopped going once the secret got out.. but go at the right time when it's less busy and it should be enjoyable

                    1. re: duckdown

                      Chef-owned and operated Bistro Narra at Winston Churchill and Thomas is very reliable as is their original restaurant The Apricot Tree on Dundas. They creatively cook, have an ever-changing menu and prices are reasonable for the quality.

                      The food and service at Mondello in Streetsville can be quite good, but it's priced for sometimes elusive excellence. Bistro Piatto on Dundas has a new chef but can still excel. Avoid the bistro room and enjoy the quiet dining room or patio.

                      Chef Bevan's food at Rogues is very good but the service can be competent to indifferent. They lost my business when they packed in too many tables. I don't enjoy rubbing elbows with guests at adjoining tables at those prices.

                      Dockdown has had better experiences at USE than we had. We found they are OK at the menu basics; - burgers, etc. but are challenged to succeed on their more complex menu items. Too many restaurant owners need to know there's a significant difference between ingredient assemblers and competent cooks.

                      When in need of an always reliable and superior dining experience we invest in a half-hour's drive west to Enver's of Moreston on Highway 6, two minutes south of the 401. They really do the work required to be consistently outstanding.

                      1. re: iamafoodie

                        I've heard good things about Bistro Narra & Apricot Tree as well, I dunno why we've never bothered going.

                        Il Mondello in Streetsville was VERY underwhelming for the prices we paid, we won't be returning. I don't remember the specifics because it was over a year ago, but I remember all of us said it was only "so-so"

                        Rogue's is one I just heard about recently, I know nothing about it, but am mildly interested

                        And as far as USE goes, yeah I would tend to agree to stick to the basics.. Their burgers really are quite good though, it actually might be the ONLY place I know of in Mississauga that grinds them in house and it shows.. They are VERY juicy. Also a fan of their Ace High Turkey Club served on ACE Bakery cranberry bread, but then again I love anything cranberry. Only reason we don't really go anymore is because they overpack the place with noisy drunken louts who can't handle their booze from the Microsoft building or the Glaxo Smith Kline plant across the street.. A group of them standing near the washroom made some lewd comments to the Mrs. last time we were there and it left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth

                    2. re: foodyDudey

                      Hi foodeyDudey ---- I'd have to say you are pretty good and over the decades very knowledgeable! Now I think it simple that with the proximity of the Airport, the area is loaded with ethnic restaurants. Don't get me wrong I love hot and spicy, Indian, Oriental, Croatian, Polish, etc. etc. There is a sparse availability of good old years ago more Canadian/English, etc. type establishments. One of the simplest things is breakfast with so few traditional establishments available --- today McDonald's, Tim Horton's, Subway are breakfast!!! So simply put later in the day, the challenges of lunch and dinner present themselves! And of course, not that much of other Toronto GTA areas are a food sanctuary.

                      1. re: foodyDudey

                        I'm ready to provide some RECs but not under the Chain food sux in Mississauga thread.

                        Should we create a new thread? The previous thread started 5+ years ago and sadly some of the recs has gone hill or closed

                  2. IIRC the only thing worth ordering at Jack Astors is their loaded nachos, and their pan bread. Both good for sharing with friends over a pitcher of beer