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Oct 10, 2013 08:46 AM

Chodang Soon Tofu

So, due to some new dietary issues, I have had to embrace low-residue foods and one of the most friendly to me is tofu. I had read about Chodang Soon Tofu in Toronto Life awhile back and decided it was time to eat there.

It was fantastic. It is a small Korean restaurant that makes their own tofu every single day onsite. If you love authentic Korean you really have to try it. The tofu stew is under $10 and comes with all the delicious savoury goods like kimchi, fried fish, bean sprouts. Flavour selections include beef, pork, oyster, mushroom, dumpling, and there are some others as well. Bibimbap is also available.

I really like the way the whole grain rice is served. She brings it to the table and scoops it out of a stone pot. Then, hot tea is poured into the stone pot to make a "soup." You are meant to eat this residue rice soup as a digestive aid. The whole experience is fairly steamy so tie your hair back and wear a t-shirt. Two people can dine for under $20. It is a very small operation but if you like quality and value it is a must-try. It is in a plaza in Etobicoke so easiest to get to if you drive, but it is transit accessible from Islington station I think.

Some pics of our meal (beef tofu stew, mushroom tofu stew and a side of the silk tofu that Toronto Life profiled) are here.
I am so digging this place I had to share! Rosie :)

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  1. There are few things better than freshly made, silky tofu. Yum.

    In case anyone is interested in other thoughts about Chodang Soon Tofu:

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      That is such a good review, really details the experience! I quite enjoyed the "rice residue" soup, I think it is probably not for everyone but I loved it.

      It's so true, silky tofu is heaven!

      1. My 4 year old really loved the purple rice too! and I loved the mushroom tofu stew. Very nice place - but busy after church on Sundays.