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Oct 10, 2013 08:16 AM

Salon Saveurs, Nov 15-17 and Dec 6-9

This is a very good food show where you can sample products from France and some from Italy. Foie gras to confiture to cheese to chocolate to.... This year two salons are taking place. In November, at Porte de Versailles; in December at Espace Champeret. We always attend when we are in town for one. Bring carrier bags and dress in layers as it can get warm in the halls.

Best yet, you can download free tickets here:

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  1. When you go to the Espace Champerret, as l will be back in the States by then, make sure you get the caponata at the crowded Italian stand that sells most thing in bottles, pricey but great.
    l will be going to the Salon des Fermiers next weekend at Espace Champerret. It was dreadful in the Spring compared to usual ones there, but hopefully it will be better this Fall.
    Also this weekend is the Aveyron fetes near Cour St Emilion on Fri,Sat,Sun Roquefort by 4-5 makers, and laguioles out the wazoo.

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      The fall Fermier is the good one. Enjoy!

    2. We went to something similar held in a tent in the Place Bellcour when we were in Lyon last November. It was sumptuous!